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Wife cheating even when going out with her husband

According to Time of India, Jayanthi, 45, from Tamil Nadu state snuck out to meet her lover after lying to her husband, Senthamarai, 55, that she wanted to go to the toilet while they were watching a festival on the street. An hour later, his wife was still nowhere to be found, the husband went to find and caught his wife having an affair with a man from the same village.

Shocked, the Senthamarai grabbed the lovers and threatened to let the whole village know of their evil deeds. The pair cried out for help, but were drowned out by the noise of the festival. Jayanthi, fearing that she and her lover would be beaten and wanted to escape before the villagers arrived, bit her husband’s sensitive area, then ran off with her lover.

At that moment, many people arrived and took the seriously injured husband to the hospital. Fortunately, his condition has stabilized after receiving emergency treatment.

Feeling excited, passionate

Although marriage is mostly built by love, married life sometimes contains distances that cause the love of both to fade away.

If they don’t know how to keep the fire of love alive, the distance between husband and wife will widen, and they will be closer just because of their love. At that time, adultery was like a new solution to help women get out of the daily chaos. They feel happy and satisfied.

Some are happy, others are afraid

Concealed adultery always brings different emotions, depending on the personality and family situation, the relationship between husband and wife to grasp and judge.

Women who cheat are happy because they enjoy many things that their current boring marriage cannot provide, others cheat for tempting reasons, and fear if they are found out, they will suffer the consequences. bad gossip from friends, colleagues, estranged children, family.

Regardless of adultery

When married life is too stale, both husband and wife do not give each other respect, some women tend to give up everything to have an affair. The stubbornness of women to enjoy happiness makes them to commit adultery despite everything.

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Feel yourself

Many women after marriage have to give up their passions and hobbies to serve the family. They are both wives, as well as osin, housekeeper, babysitter… causing many people’s psychology to fall into a deadlock, depressed.

An affair with another man can be a solution for women’s psychological release, helping them to feel like themselves to continue with work and life.

Feel valued

Usually, the husbands shoulder the financial, economic, help and build stability in the house, so a lot of men rely on their wealth to be invisible. downplaying the importance of women makes them feel hurt, belittled.

Bearing such pain, if another man pursues, women will cling to them as a way to prove to themselves that they are not out of time, still loved and admired by others.

Adultery is one of the taboos in marriage, but it is a phenomenon that happens often in today’s life. It is not only men who cheat, and the percentage of women who cheat is also very high.

In stark contrast to men and women, adultery is often difficult to stop and very easy to lead to marriage breakdown. They will sink so deep that they cannot turn back. Men usually like one-night stands, they like novelty. That’s why they commit adultery because it is instinctive to see it as a hobby.

But women are different, they have adultery to find other men besides their husbands because they no longer feel peaceful and safe next to their husbands. They cheat because of their true feelings. Women always want peace and want to have a solid support. Therefore, when they have an affair, they really hate their current married life.

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