You can’t raise the price of textbooks for someone else’s profit

Mr. Phan Viet Luong – Vice Chairman of the Committee for Culture and Education of the National Assembly affirmed so when answering the press in the corridor of the National Assembly about the issue of high textbook prices.

He added that three years ago, the Committee for Culture and Education supervised and commented on this. “It is necessary to speed up the progress and respond to public opinion, so that for a long time, right or wrong will create skepticism for public opinion.” he said and emphasized the need to immediately solve the problem of state management of textbook prices.

According to him, the key is to strictly manage the textbook prices. Therefore, the State needs to manage prices, set prices, even support prices, and ensure publicity and transparency.

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Mr. Phan Viet Luong – Vice Chairman of the Culture and Education Committee of the National Assembly.

Regarding the opinion of the Minister of Education and Training Nguyen Kim Son explained at the group discussion session at the National Assembly on the morning of May 25: “Good materials, good materials, elaborate investment, the price is higher“, Mr. Phan Viet Luong said it was right. “If the materials are good, the printing is beautiful, the method is elaborate, then the price of the book must be higher than before.”

However, the problem that needs to be raised is how the life of the product is to choose the appropriate material.

“If textbooks are used for many years, the material must of course be good, but if used for a short period of time, it should be considered. Besides, the person making the product must also consider the material to be suitable. to guarantee the price”Mr. Luong said.

Besides, it is also necessary to see if the product is suitable for users, suitable for current educational conditions, suitable for longevity or not.

He shared: “If the book is too heavy, the children will be too tired to carry it. The book must not be too dim, too ugly. The most important thing is the content of the book and its use value. In general, all must be calculated appropriately. Poverty is still a lot, thrift practice still has to be the top priority.

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