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10 thousand people watched the livestream of parents accusing their children of being beaten at Ho Chi Minh City International School

At 3:30 p.m. on May 28, in her latest livestream, Ms. THT said that Oc (her daughter) was severely traumatized right after the incident.

The case that a student at the International School of Ho Chi Minh City – American Academy (ISHCMC-AA) was beaten by a friend caused a storm of public opinion because of the school’s response.

The incident caused the online community to pour into Google to vote 1 star for the school website. Currently, there are more than 25,000 reviews.

In the latest livestream on the afternoon of May 28, Ms. THT announced that she had not yet received any apology or resolution from the school.

“I have not received any action from the school yet,” she said in the livestream.

In addition, she told in the livestream that her daughter was punched in the chest and is currently in a state of difficulty breathing. Most of all, right after the first day of being beaten, her daughter was severely traumatized.

Mrs. THT said that she had to constantly visit her child’s room at night. In addition, she added that the niece in the blue shirt (who entered the can) was the most brutally beaten, “pushed down by her hair”.

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In addition, when entering the room, Mrs. THT said on the livestream that she sat down to ask her niece why she beat her friend, but immediately she glared and said, “Who are you, I have to do this.” In addition, a teacher named R. yelled at her to leave the room immediately.

Earlier on May 26, according to this parent, her child was beaten and punched in the chest by a student at the same school in the school campus, the teacher saw it but did not intervene and 3 other students who entered the compartment were also beaten. When all four parents of the children who were beaten arrived, they were not welcomed, had to wait in the hallway while the niece’s parents accused of beating friends were allowed to sit in the office.

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In addition, the school refused to deal with the incident and repeatedly mentioned calling the police. Next, the school replied to her that it would give the other parent’s phone number so that the two parties could resolve it themselves with the reason that “the incident happened outside the school”. After a while, the school security took the other two students out of the building.

Ms. THT said on her personal page that the school announced the incident happened outside the school campus while the clip of the beating happened in the school yard. In addition, she also said that her child did not receive medical care. She requested to extract the camera but was not provided by the school.

What does the Ho Chi Minh City International School – American Academy say?

According to Zing, Mr. Nathan Swenson informed that when he met students, some of them had scratches and bruises. So he sent the children to the school health room to check. The nurse determined that the student was scratched, there was no serious problem, so he sent them home.

According to the principal, the school follows the handling process, inviting relevant students to talk to find out before working with their families to resolve the matter. However, when they first started talking, parents came over, there was a dispute, they had to stop.

Due to the unresolved issue on May 26, May 27, the school continued to find out for a solution.

“Today, the school spoke to 14 students. We get the facts. The next step is to talk to the parent to resolve the issue. Normally, the school handles the incident smoothly to help the children resolve the conflict, but things become more difficult when the investigation process is hindered like that,” added a representative of ISHCMC-AA.

When asked about parents complaining about having to suspend their children from school because of concerns about safety, Mr. Swenson refused to provide information on whether students attended school or not on May 27. However, he has repeatedly insisted that the school is still safe and that “other students are still going to school”.

At the same time, he refused to share about how to deal with the students involved, saying that the school has regulations on disciplinary action but there has never been a precedent for students to fight like this incident.

Mr. Nathan Swenson admitted this was an unexpected incident, which happened when students were between the ages of 12 and 18, a time when they were still immature and prone to making mistakes. The school’s position is that no matter who is right or wrong, adults should respect the privacy of children.

“No matter what happens, we need to give them the opportunity to develop and learn from the incident,” he emphasized.

The principal of ISHCMC-AA School said the school will also find out why the students involved did not report conflicts to teachers and staff before letting the matter become serious.

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The international school with a tuition fee of 600 million was flooded with 1 star votes by netizensAfter parents livestreamed, the online community flooded with 1-star reviews on the Google platform for Ho Chi Minh City International School – American Academy (ISHCMC-AA, An Phu, Thu Duc City). ISHCMC is a school with tuition fees of more than half a billion, quite famous in Ho Chi Minh City.

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