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3 types of meat “beat” collagen, the more you eat, the faster your skin will age before your age

Besides living and resting, eating also plays an extremely important role in increasing collagen production and maintaining youthful skin. The loss of collagen is also the cause of the skin losing its elasticity, becoming wrinkled and lifeless.

And in addition to adding healthy, collagen-protecting foods, you should also pay attention to stay away from foods that are able to “steal” collagen. Here are 3 types of meat that will silently destroy collagen in the body, the more you eat the more your skin ages before your age that you should be careful.

3 types of meat

1. Cold meat, ready food

Cold meats, sausages, ready-to-eat foods… are very common in today’s industrial life.

However, these dishes often contain many additives, salts, sugars, fats, preservatives, flavor enhancers – and this is the culprit that steals collagen, causing the skin to lose its youthful appearance. . With high salt content, these foods will make the body easy to lose water, form wrinkles and make us age faster. And high sugar content accelerates aging, darkening of the skin, causing weight gain, obesity.

3 types of meat

2. Braised meat

This familiar dish in this family meal can also make the skin age quickly. This is because, when stocking meat, we often use a lot of salt and sugar to create flavor. When we eat braised meat, we also inadvertently digest sugar and salt at a high rate, which indirectly degrades collagen and elastin, making the skin lose its supple and firm appearance. Besides, salty braised meat also unintentionally makes us eat more rice, thereby increasing the risk of obesity due to accumulation of starch and water.

3 types of meat

3. Fried meat

Fried and fried meats are not only spicy but also contain a lot of fat, which causes weight gain, which is not good for health and skin. The consumption of deep-fried meat also accelerates inflammation in cells, destroys collagen fibers, causing skin to age quickly. In addition, grocery stores often use old oil to fry meat, which increases the risk of cancer and affects health.

3 types of meat

Some notes when eating to help increase collagen, maintain youthful skin

– Avoid choosing processed meats but choose fresh meats, from which you can easily change the way of processing, increase flavoring.

– Should add chicken, salmon, beef, hock… because these are meats containing a lot of collagen, maintaining youthful beauty effectively.

– Minimize fried and greasy foods, focus on boiled and steamed dishes. Do not use too much spices, sugar, and salt when preparing food. Frying/frying or using an air fryer when cooking will help you to reduce the consumption of too much fat.

Drinking lots of water helps promote metabolism and detoxifies the body, thereby maintaining moisture and elasticity of the skin.

– Eat a lot of fruit, drink juice to supplement vitamins, increase resistance, beautify the skin.

– Eat a lot of vegetables, especially dark colored vegetables such as bell peppers, amaranth, cauliflower … with abundant vitamin content, help increase collagen, brighten skin.

Eat yogurt daily: Yogurt contains a lot of protein and essential amino acids such as lysine, which promotes the body’s natural collagen production, increases resistance and maintains beautiful healthy skin. .

– Use more collagen supplements, daily beauty pills to maintain healthy and beautiful skin.

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