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7 poison moves that make mosquitoes “swim away” away from home, not daring to come back

Create a coin water bag: Very simple, just pour a full glass of water, drop 4-5 coins in it and place it on the dining table. So the surrounding area ensures that no flies dare to enter. To explain this, it is said that the reflection of the coin in the glass of water makes the fly resemble the eyes of larger insects and feel threatened and run away.

Black pepper: Rats hate the strong smell of black pepper. Therefore, housewives can mix egg yolks with sugar, a tablespoon of black pepper in a dish. Place this dish in places where flies need to be repelled, making sure they won’t dare to come near (note when this food mixture is dry, make another bait instead).

Lemongrass essential oil: Mix a tablespoon of oil with 453 g of lemongrass, shake well and spray directly on flies and other places with lots of flies. Although this mixture does not kill flies directly, it will interfere with the flies’ ability to fly and they are easier to kill.

7 poisonous moves that make flies and mosquitoes

A little trick that will make the flies and mosquitoes not dare to touch the area (Artwork)

Vinegar mix: Put a few drops of soap and cinnamon in a bottle of vinegar and shake well. A solution of vinegar and cinnamon will repel flies, soap prevents flies from attaching to objects.

Dried mint: Fresh or dried mint can be used to repel repellents. Accordingly, housewives should hang mint bags near the window or door, ensuring the flies will fly away.

In addition, advice for housewives is to cut mint leaves into small pieces and put them in a glass of water and place on the table or window. Add basil for better effect.

Wormwood: Wormwood has a bitter taste, has the ability to kill insects, repel ticks, flies and moths. Housewives can plant this plant near the door to repel flies and other insects.

Vacuum cleaner: This can be considered as the most popular and suitable tool for housewives. If using a vacuum cleaner to suck flies in the house, you should vacuum in the early morning or evening, when the flies are slowest.

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