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After the shocking statement, the property of the couple “steel king” Tran Dinh Long evaporated trillions of dong

HPG stock price went against the general trend of the market last week after Hoa Phat Group Chairman Tran Dinh Long opened his heart to shareholders at the AGM about the current business situation of the steel industry.

The stock market has just recovered for the second week in a row after a six-week losing streak. At the end of the trading week, VN-Index increased 44.74 points (3.6%) to 1,285.45 points, HNX-Index increased 4.15 points (+1.4%) to 311.17 points.

The market fell in the first session of the week but recovered again in the following four sessions. Information technology stocks gained the most in the past week with 12.8% market capitalization thanks to the strong increase of the group’s pillars FPT (14.7%), CMG (3.9%)…

Followed by the consumer service industry with a 6% increase in market capitalization thanks to the strong breakthrough of stocks in the retail sub-sector such as MWG (9.5%), PNJ (15.4%)…

Oil and gas stocks gained 5.3% with typical codes in the industry such as PLX (5.2%), BSR (2.1%), OIL (3.6%), PVD (9.7%). PVS (2.5%)…

The industry also outperformed with 4.8% market capitalization, with the typical stock in this group being REE (17.6%) continuing to surpass all-time highs, ending the week at VND89,600// shares, GVR (7.6%).

Consumer goods stocks gained 4.7% with VNM (7.2%), MSN (2%). The rest of the sectors had good gains such as community utilities (3.8%). ), finance (2.5%), banking (3.5%), raw materials (0.8%), pharmaceuticals and healthcare (3.2%).

The market’s rebound is also an opportunity for giants on the stock exchange to increase asset value through stocks. According to statistics, the top 10 richest people on the stock exchange only recorded 3 people whose assets decreased in the past week. It is Mr. Do Anh Tuan – Chairman of Sunshine Group and the owner and wife of Hoa Phat Group, billionaire Tran Dinh Long and his wife, Ms. Vu Thi Hien.

HPG stock price fell 5.8% last week, closing the week at 35,450 VND/share. HPG’s stock price movement went against the general trend of the market after the Chairman of this Group opened up to shareholders at the AGM about the current business situation of the steel industry. In general, in the past week, the total assets of Mr. Long and his wife decreased by VND 3,300 billion. Mr. Tran Dinh Long is still ranked second richest person on the stock exchange with assets worth 41,300 billion VND, while Ms. Vu Thi Hien is holding 9th position with assets worth 11,600 billion VND.

At Hoa Phat’s General Meeting of Shareholders held on May 24, before the general opinion of some investors, paying dividends by shares was a ‘fake paper’, even though the Q1 business results report was quite good. However, Hoa Phat Chairman said that shareholders should wait for the business results in the second, third and fourth quarters and then they will see. At this time, the steel industry is not favorable. “Waiting for two more months, there will be Q2 business results, shareholders will see how dire the situation is.”

Mr. Long pointed out a number of reasons why the steel industry will face difficulties in the remaining quarters of the year. Firstly, the price of raw materials increased sharply due to the Russia-Ukraine conflict, causing the price of smelted coal to increase by 100-200 USD/ton.

Meanwhile, the ecosystem of shares related to Sunshine Group owned by Mr. Do Anh Tuan all decreased, except for SCG stock. Therefore, the third richest person’s assets on the stock exchange decreased by VND 844 billion to VND 34,800 billion.

The remaining seven billionaires in the top 10 all ended the week with joy. Specifically, the property of Mr. Pham Nhat Vuong, Chairman of Vingroup, increased slightly by 0.25% to 431 billion VND, bringing the asset value of the richest person in Vietnam to more than 168 trillion VND.

Mr. Ho Hung Anh, Chairman of Techcombank, gained an additional VND 730 billion from the increase in the share price of TCB and MSN. The total value of Mr. Hung Anh’s assets in these two stocks is currently 34,571 billion VND.

The price increase of MSN and TCB also helped Mr. Nguyen Dang Quang, Chairman of Masan Group, have an additional 700 billion dong, increasing the asset value to 34,100 billion dong.

Meanwhile, female billionaire Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao has an additional 500 billion dong from the price increase of HDB and VJC shares. Currently, Ms. Thao ranks 6th in the list with a fortune of 32,500 billion dong.

Mr. Bui Thanh Nhon, founder of Novaland, is behind with a fortune of 21,650 billion VND, an increase of 166 billion VND compared to the previous week.

Chairman of Phat Dat Real Estate Development JSC (PDR), Mr. Nguyen Van Dat also recorded an increase in assets of VND 122 billion to VND 13,200 billion after the company’s share price increased approximately 1% at the close. week.

The other person in the top 10, Chairman of Phenikaa Group, Mr. Ho Xuan Nang continued to increase his assets with an increase of 600 billion VND in the past week. Currently, the value of Mr. Nang’s assets through VCS shares is 11,900 billion VND.

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