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Besieged, leopards frantically attack people and the end

Clip: Being surrounded, leopards frantically attack people and the end

The incident happened in a field in Amar Colony, Pauri district, Uttarakhand state, India.

Specifically, a leopard was beaten for coming near people’s houses in search of food. After it fled, the villagers cast nets and used sticks to approach the leopard hiding in the rice fields.

However, because the leopard was too dangerous, the staff of the Forest Department were also present to assist the people. They fired bullets containing anesthetic to paralyze the leopard. However, even though it was covered by the net, it still resisted strongly.

Finally, the leopard broke free of the net and attacked two staff of the Forest Department before being shot and killed.

The leopard (Panthera pardus) is one of four large cats of the genus Panthera that live in Africa and Asia. They are from 1 to nearly 2 meters long, weighing 30 – 90 kg. Although smaller than other big cats, leopards are still formidable predators. With their camouflage and hiding habits, they can get close to residential areas without being detected.

Leopard attacks on humans mainly occur in India and Africa, the main distribution areas of this animal. Leopards rarely eat humans compared to lions and tigers, humans are not their main food and not all leopards attack humans.

In fact, they usually only attack people when they feel invaded or because they lack food. But, once they have eaten human flesh, it becomes dangerous.

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