Bullet grazed the head during a gunfight with the shooting suspect, the US agent was lucky to survive

The US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) recently posted a photo of the hole in the top of the hat and the wound of this agent.

According to Fox Newsthe gunman opened fire on the agent as he burst into the barricaded room with other agents.

CBP did not disclose the identity of the agent but said he was on the payroll of the branch in the Del Rio area, south of Texas. The agency further revealed that many of its employees have children at the school where the massacre took place.

“Many of our agents live in Uvalde. They work to protect family, friends and neighbors every day.” CBP Commissioner Chris Magnus said.

Bullet grazed the head during a gunfight with the shooter, the US agent was lucky to survive - 1

The hat of the agent in a gunfight with the suspect. (Photo: CBP)

In a separate statement, US Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas confirmed that the CBP agent was injured in a gunfight with the perpetrator.

“Without a moment’s hesitation, agents rushed in between the shooter and the student to stop the bloodshed and provide medical assistance. Without a doubt, their heroism saved lives. many people”Mr. Mayorkas said.

Salvador Ramos, 18 – the suspect in the massacre that left 21 people dead is said to be obsessed with guns. He works at fast food restaurant Wendy’s, saving $4,000 to buy weapons, ammunition and bulletproof vests.

Grace Cruz, 18, who used to work for Ramos, described the gunman as “rude, scary and messy”. She said she always kept her distance from Ramos because she felt unsafe.

Cruz claims Ramos has openly talked about using Wendy’s money to buy guns and ammo. Y ‘suddenly quit his job’ a few weeks before the shooting.

“He told us he was saving up for guns and ammo. We asked him, ‘Why would you spend your money on that, would it be better to buy a car or something useful?’ I guess when we had it. enough money, he decided to quit his job“, Cruz shared.

On his 18th birthday, Ramos bought two AR-15 assault rifles, bragging about them on social media. At the time, no one knew that this was the beginning of the deadliest school shooting in a decade in America.

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