Carriers must publicize their committed packages

The Department of Telecommunications (Ministry of Information and Communications) said that the policy of switching networks to keep the number unchanged contributes to promoting a competitive market and ensuring the interests of customers. When implementing this policy, it will give the right to choose a service provider with more suitable service quality and benefits for customers.

According to a representative of the Department of Telecommunications, after more than 3 years of implementation, by the end of March 2022, more than 2.7 million subscribers had successfully switched networks, accounting for about 2.5% of the total number of mobile subscribers. Basically, at this rate, the roaming service has no big impact on the overall mobile telecommunications market. However, the shift of network switching shows that most subscribers tend to switch to mobile networks with wide coverage and stable service quality.

According to the Department of Telecommunications, from the beginning of service activation until now, the network switch center system has operated stably, smoothly, without problems and has well met the needs of mobile businesses as well as customers. demand for routing database of other organizations and businesses.

As reflected by some mobile subscribers, when switching networks, they keep the same number, the network operators often use the reason that the number is beautiful to not allow subscribers to switch networks to keep the same number.

A representative of the Department of Telecommunications said that the phone number business has a special structure with a commitment as one of the business activities of the enterprise. When the subscriber uses the number and accepts the commitment, it means that he or she agrees to the terms of the civil contract. Therefore, in order to avoid the situation of “people who want to go – people who hold back”, customers need to carefully study the content of the carrier’s commitment to use the service before entering into a contract or general transaction conditions.

The Department of Telecommunications is currently in the process of developing a Circular amending and supplementing Circular No. 35/2017/TT-BTTTT, aiming to further promote the development of digital network transfer. The Department has submitted a number of framework regulations to be submitted to the Government to be upgraded to the level of a Decree, creating a solid legal basis for network transfer activities.

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