Demand for car calling spikes, prices for ride-hailing apps skyrocket during peak hours

Nguyen H. Minh (Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi) has an appointment to meet a customer at 11 am, but it has been more than 10 minutes since he can’t book a car because there is no driver to pick up the trip. Minh opens 2 applications installed on his phone at the same time to find the driver. But also, after a few times of patient searching, there was a car to pick up passengers with a significantly increased fare.

As a person who often travels by car-hailing service because of its convenience and speed, Minh said that recently, calling a car is very difficult. “I don’t understand why it’s difficult to call a car lately, especially at rush hours. Accepted the higher fare than usual, but sometimes it takes a long time to get a car or the driver has received but canceled the trip. That’s not to mention the rainy days I can’t call a car,” Minh said.

Not only H. Minh, many office workers who regularly use ride-hailing apps to move, deliver or order food also reported experiencing a similar situation, although service costs have increased compared to before.

Demand for car-calling spikes, the price of ride-hailing apps increases at peak hours - Photo 1.

Increased travel demand during peak hours causes service prices to rise. Illustration: Duy Vu

Meanwhile, many drivers today are no longer interested in plowing the car, especially during rush hour, when the price of gasoline increases, causing the cost to increase significantly.

P. Giang, a GrabCar driver, said that in recent days, the number of customers has increased more than before. According to share, on average, he runs 20-25 trips per day. In which, the number of callers focuses on peak hours. According to Mr. Giang’s share, many recent applications increase trip rewards to encourage drivers to run more. However, many colleagues are no longer plowing as much as they used to. “The bonus conditions are not easy, the costs are higher, especially at peak hours, when there are traffic jams and traffic jams, so it is impossible to run fast. So if you calculate the cost of receiving it, it is not much higher, “said Giang. On associations and groups, some car sharing technology drivers no longer often open the application at peak hours even though the fares increase when balancing their incomes.

Sharing with ICTnews, Gojek Vietnam said that the company has recorded a continuous increase in the travel demand of users since the beginning of the year until now.

“At some peak hours, user demand spikes dramatically, so there’s an imbalance between supply and demand,” Gojek said.

Therefore, the ride-hailing company said that it has been monitoring market fluctuations to find solutions to adjust prices and allocate appropriate supply.

A representative of another ride-hailing and delivery application also said that recently, the demand for travel as well as delivery has continuously increased, leading to the situation that many users find it difficult to order a car and the price difference is higher because the calculation is based on on supply and demand.

Responding to concerns about technology drivers “leaving the game”, a Gojek representative said that Gojek’s driver supply remains at a stable level. “Currently, Gojek is constantly recruiting new driver partners to ensure supply and serve user needs. With preferential policies and welfare programs, new drivers have registered to become driver partners. of Gojek continued to increase steadily”.

This application said, always encourage driver partners to fulfill orders well and maintain performance to achieve the best revenue, as well as ensure the supply to serve users. Stable operation of partners plays an important role in balancing supply – demand, thereby helping to stabilize prices for users and avoid affecting the ability of driver partners to receive new orders.

The ride-hailing application also continues to maintain many attractive policies for drivers in all service areas. On the customer side, this application maintains a stable fee to retain customers.

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