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Duc’s mother kicked Khanh’s mother out of the house

The relationship between Khanh and Duc could not be repaired when Ms. Hien and Ms. Nga’s conflict reached its climax.

In episode 25 Love the sunny day aired on Monday night, May 30, Khanh (Lan Phuong) and Duc (Hong Dang) organized a picnic for Sam and So because of their two children. The two children pushed Khanh’s hand into Duc’s hand, but the two were very awkward. Before Sam (Bao Linh) said: “Parents don’t divorce anymore”, Duc and Khanh could only cry.

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In another development, Mrs. Nga (M.S. Meritorious Artist Thanh Quy) salted her face to meet Mrs. Hien (People’s Artist Lan Huong) to talk in order to save her daughter’s marriage, also so that the grandchildren would not suffer. However, contrary to Khanh’s mother’s gentle attitude, Duc’s mother still objected and scolded the family: “Why are you and your mother so persistent?”.

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Mrs. Nga blamed Mrs. Hien: “She is also their grandmother. Why don’t you cultivate them but just want them to break up like that. Doing so is a crime, creating karma.” Unable to keep her composure, Duc’s mother stood up and shouted: “You go home right away, you get out of my house right away” and pushed Mrs. Nga. Witnessing this scene, Duc and Khanh could only watch.

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Meanwhile, in an unexpected situation, Van (Ngoc Huyen) saves Phong (Doan Quoc Dam) a goal when he admits that he is his daughter. Phong seems to appreciate this action of hers. When Van said: “The fact that you gave me books, I think you’re a great father, no joke.” Phong replied: “This is not certain, but when you see me, try asking my children” causing Van to freeze.

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Phong has a child? What will Duc and Khanh do when they see Mrs. Hien kicking Mrs. Nga out of the house? Can their marriage be saved thanks to Sam, So? Detailed developments Love the sunny day Part 2, episode 25, aired on the evening of May 30 on VTV3.

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