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Eastern and Southern European countries seek to get rid of gas dependence on Russia

In the context that many European countries are promoting a lot of gas exploitation activities to get rid of dependence on RussiaRomanian President Klaus Iohannis has just signed a law allowing the mass extraction of natural gas from fields located at the bottom of the Black Sea. Poland and Romania are also rushing to complete the final stage to put the new gas pipeline into operation in June.

Immediately after the passage of the law, Romanian Energy Minister Virgil Popescu officially issued a joint announcement announcing the official start of gas production in the Black Sea.

According to Romania’s Energy Minister, the first gas shipment from the Black Sea will arrive in the country in early June this year. It is expected that the country can profit up to 60% from the fee for exploiting gas in the Black Sea.

The new law also stipulates that the Romanian government will be able to impose temporary restrictions on natural gas prices and sales, but only in cases of emergency. Furthermore, recently introduced regulations have eliminated the obligation for gas companies to sell at a discount of up to 50% of Romania’s gas production on the domestic market.

In a related development, the construction system connecting the energy transmission of Poland and Slovakia has been basically completed. The new pipeline is undergoing the final testing phase before going into official operation in early June. The Polish-Slovak gas link is a 61 km long high-pressure gas pipeline to the north of the country. Lan and 106 km long towards Slovakia.

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