Equipped with active noise cancellation, game mode, fabric diaphragm

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The current True Wireless headset market is growing rapidly, which means that the low- to mid-range segment also has many full-featured options, no longer “missing this and that” compared to other models. advance product. EarFun is a prominent name in this segment, with the latest product being EarFun Air Pro SV (Special Edition).

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The box of this product is very small, completely in the palm of your hand; with 2 main tones, white and yellow, has also been used by EarFun with its previous pairs of headphones.

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The reason the box is made small is because the items inside are placed close together, saving space as much as possible. In addition to the headset, we find a user manual, an introduction to the application to control the headset on a smartphone…

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… along with a USB Type-C charging cord, 2 rubber pads and a cotton swab to clean the charging contact copper pins and the sound tube of the headset.

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The charging box of this pair of headphones has a rather strange design, with the middle part of the top cover having a hole to reveal the 2 “tails” of the earphones placed inside. This design also has the advantage that we can see right away if there are headphones in the box without having to open the lid.

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The charging port of the box is located on the back, slightly back inward to “hide” the plug of the charging cord. Besides wired charging, the EarFun Air Pro SV’s box also supports non-Qi charging, which can be placed on the base or powered by smartphones.

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In terms of battery life, the headset can be used for 6 hours continuously and charged 3 more times with the box for a total of 24 hours. However, this is the time to use without ANC on, if using more ANC, the duration will not reach this number.

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Like other products in the Air line, EarFun Air Pro SV is designed in a “tailed” form similar to Apple’s AirPods products. However, this tail is thinner and more square than previous Air versions.

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This component will also be the touch surface to control music, volume, call virtual assistants and toggle active noise cancellation.

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The headset is equipped with IPX5 waterproof standard, ready for wearing to exercise, but will not be used for swimming, completely submerged in water.

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This is the first product of EarFun to be equipped with control software on smartphones, an important step for the company to be able to compete with major technology companies. The application has everything we need including switching between active noise cancellation and listening to the environment, turning game mode on and off (reducing latency to 80ms for gaming), adjusting sound quality with EQ and upgrading firmware when necessary.

EarFun Air Pro SV - Photo 12.

The noise canceling technology used by EarFun is called QuietSmart 2.0, with an efficiency of 40dB and also has the ability to filter out wind noise if used outside. In actual use, ANC works at a decent level, and will certainly still have to “give up” to market leaders like Apple and Sony.

EarFun Air Pro SV - Photo 13.

Finally, in charge of sound reproduction are two 10mm fabric-covered Dynamic drivers. EarFun is a company that is very “hard” in finding new materials to improve the sound quality of its headphones. However, they all aim for a mixed sound (suitable for many types of music) with a little emphasis on the bass to create excitement.

EarFun Air Pro SV - Photo 14.

EarFun Air Pro SV has a recommended selling price of 90 USD, more than 2 million dong after conversion.

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