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Europol warns of dangers from homemade weapons made with 3D printers

In a statement, Europol said it was particularly concerned about the threat posed by weapons 3D printing caused when the number of weapons of this type seized during investigation and raid campaigns in Europe increased significantly in recent years. Europol emphasizes the importance of international cooperation in responding to threats posed by these homemade weapons.

The statement comes after Europol held a conference in The Hague this week with the participation of more than 120 experts in law enforcement, firearms, forensics experts and planners. policy and academics. Europol says it is one of the largest forums in the world to discuss the dangers posed by 3D printed weapons.

The rapid growth of 3D printed gun is posing a great risk in many European countries and the United States. In 2019, a subject used a homemade 3D printed weapon to attack, killing two people in Halle, Germany.

Europol warns of dangers from self-made weapons with 3D printers - Photo 1.

In April 2021, Spanish police raided and dismantled an illegal 3D-printed weapons factory in the Canary Islands, seizing two 3D printers, gun parts, and a blueprint for an assault rifle. attacks downloaded from the Internet and some material about violence and white supremacy.

The factory owner was arrested and charged with illegal possession of a firearm. A month later, British authorities also arrested three people in the town of Keighley as part of a terrorism investigation, accused of possessing 3D printed weapon parts.

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