Going on salary tripled!

“Travel is something you have to pay for, but it makes you richer.”

Spending money on travel never seems to be a loss. Not only souvenirs or a series of beautiful photos to show off to friends, true trips also bring back to their owners 1001 memorable experiences, lessons learned in life.

So what have the hearts that love to move BENEFITS after each trip? Follow the Interest Travel series to listen, discover and be inspired through an open and colorful lens.

Many people often think that travel and adventure are their own “rights” when they are young and single, but when they get married and have children, with many family and work commitments, they will find it difficult to move around. on the same roads as before.

However, there are still some people who are lucky enough to enjoy many trips with their family – whether they still work, thanks to their already well-off living conditions, or because they are determined to choose such a lifestyle.

Below is the story of Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Trang, 38 years old, currently living in Nha Trang and working at a foreign company. Behind the story of “costing more than 1 billion VND”, there are many concerns that a married person, as a parent, cares about.

Travel expenses add up to a “loss” of more than 1 billion dong

Trang’s paternal hometown is in the North, and her mother is in Nha Trang. Therefore, she is too used to traveling between Nha Trang and Hanoi, and it is possible that Trang’s “blood flow” was formed from her age. poetry like that. Thirteen years ago, Trang’s mother moved to Austria to settle down, so she has an even greater opportunity to satisfy her travel pleasure, expanding to many countries around the world.

Trang confided that she was “hypnotized” by her travels, the more she went, the more interesting, lovely, worth living life she found, and learned many things.

Losing 1 billion because of travel, the mother in Nha Trang revealed: Going back to the salary increased 3 times!  - Photo 1.

For Trang, traveling is her passion and choice.

Trang said that she knows that she is very lucky because both sides of her family are well off, so she and her husband have no financial burden, don’t have to worry about anyone, and don’t have any debt to pay. can travel so comfortably.

Page revealed, if you calculate all the costs of traveling abroad as well as in the country of her family, by now the number has definitely exceeded 1 billion! For many people, of course it is a huge amount of money, to do the big things of a family such as buying a house, buying a car, or buying gold and silver to hoard, but Trang wants to use it to buy experiences, and get Create memories with loved ones. For Trang, it’s the most valuable thing.

So far, Trang has traveled to many countries, from Asia such as Thailand, Malaysia, to Singapore, Myanmar, India, to European countries such as Austria, Italy, Germany…

Too much “profit” from the trip

Trang has a daughter, now 8 years old, named Lan Chi (name at home is Soc). Like many other mothers, Trang also wanted her daughter to have the same wonderful experiences as herself, so she did not hesitate to carry Soc everywhere.

Since the age of 8 months, Soc has been on a plane flying from South to North, with all the journeys stretching across Vietnam, from visiting Soc’s father’s hometown in Ho Chi Minh City, going out to other provinces. rivers in the West, then go through the scenic spots in the Central region, visit the mother’s mother’s hometown, or set foot in the northern mountainous provinces.

Losing 1 billion because of travel, the mother in Nha Trang revealed: Going back to the salary increased 3 times!  - Photo 2.

In 2018, when he was 4 years old, Soc was first sent abroad by his parents to explore the country of Thailand’s Golden Temple. Seeing that their daughter loves and is very suitable for travel, Trang and Den – the husband continue to give their daughter a trip to Malaysia – Singapore for a week in February 2019 on the occasion of her birthday.

Trang confided that at first, afraid that her child would not be able to eat foreign food, she brought her own food at home, but it turned out that all these worries were superfluous, Soc was not “picky about choosing soup”, but They also freely tasted all the dishes of the localities they came to, to the point that Trang’s mother was also surprised.

Not only that, on trips, Soc is also very obedient and cooperative with his parents, does not know what nagging and crying is, and is extremely independent. into a backpack like an adult.

Trang said, after each trip, she finds her daughter more mature, bolder, and comfortable sharing the strange things she sees abroad with her friends. In particular, when traveling, Soc is taught the most intuitive lessons about civility by his parents, such as not spitting or throwing rubbish indiscriminately or having to speak softly in public.

Once, Soc’s teacher was surprised when he learned that in Singapore it was forbidden to eat gum, smoke and litter in public places. She is also very conscious of saving water because “water is expensive in Singapore”.

Losing 1 billion because of travel, the mother in Nha Trang revealed: Going back to the salary increased 3 times!  - Photo 3.

Trang shared: “Standing at a distance, our view will be broader. The more you go, the more your thinking and vision will not be limited within a city or a country.”

This mother-of-one also confided that one of the destinations that left her with the most emotions was her trip to Myanmar – the land of famous Buddhist temples in October 2019.

Trang said, if you read through books and newspapers, you will not be able to see the magnificent and magnificent beauty of the ancient citadel in Bagan several thousand years old, and then on the dirt roads, every few hundred meters there are cisterns containing water. Clean water for passersby to drink, or at any temple or temple along the road, everyone walks in barefoot even though no one stands next to guard or remind. Indigenous people here worship Buddhism from the heart, have a kind and sincere soul. Going to such places, children will automatically have valuable lessons in communicating and behaving naturally, without pressure.

Losing 1 billion because of travel, the mother in Nha Trang revealed: Going back to the salary increased 3 times!  - Photo 4.

Myanmar is one of the most impressive destinations for Trang’s family.

“The profit of family self-sufficient travel is that we will have the same memories, the same joy, the same emotions, and the connection. We have had very beautiful photos together, there are also very ‘difficult’ photos. Those are all memorable family moments. The foods you eat together for the first time, the times you lose your way together, the times you witness something emotional together, all of which are extremely precious and will be the moments of life. The most wonderful and healthy luggage for Soc to step firmly into life”, Trang affirmed.

And yet, Trang said that thanks to traveling, the whole family also learns many “survival” skills, such as viewing Google Map, viewing national traffic maps, how to calculate cost-effective ways to go out on your own. accommodation is cheaper than going on a tour or responding to unpredictable situations…

And one of the most special things Trang believes will surprise many people, but in fact, it makes sense, that tourism helps increase your self-worth, thereby… improving income.

Trang said, before choosing a lifestyle to increase her time to “lead” her family to travel, she worked at a company with a salary of only about 12 million. But then thanks to a lot of travel, her vision changed, Trang knew what skills and knowledge she needed to improve, and knew how to actively seek out new opportunities. Now, Trang’s salary at work has tripled before!

“At the beginning, my salary was only 12 million, but now it’s over 30 million, not to mention the bonus. Because after returning, my understanding has been improved, I have looked for opportunities to try challenge, and choose a job with higher compensation,” Trang said excitedly.

Losing 1 billion because of travel, the mother in Nha Trang revealed: Going back to the salary increased 3 times!  - Photo 5.

In July, she and her family will have a 40-day European trip through Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, France, Italy, and Croatia. Many people ask Trang is it okay to take more than 1 month off work? Will the boss “whisper” or risk losing his job?

Trang usually answers: “My boss has no difficulty, because I took a month off to travel, but the remaining 11 months have worked very hard, achieving results beyond expectations. Therefore, boss and members The members of the team volunteered to do unexpected jobs while I was with my family to relax.”

Going to connect with family more, learn more, be happier, increase self-confidence as well as self-worth and have better opportunities in career, it can be said that there are too many things. “profit” that tourism has brought to Thu Trang and her family.

Losing 1 billion because of travel, the mother in Nha Trang revealed: Going back to the salary increased 3 times!  - Photo 6.

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