High EQ people always implicitly follow 6 rules, thereby gaining the favor of both bosses and colleagues, the job is “cool”

To be successful in the workplace, it is not enough to cultivate internal skills, external skills are also very important. Without the trust and approval of others, your talents are easily buried.

However, everyone is busy with their own work, no one has much time to slowly learn your true nature. Therefore, EQ people often implement the following “unwritten” rules to win people’s sympathy quickly.

1. Arrive 15 minutes early on any occasion

A lot of people have the thought “If you leave early or leave late, you won’t get extra pay, so it’s not necessary”. Unbeknownst to them, this is the most commonly accepted way of expressing a positive attitude.

When going to work, arriving 15 minutes early, you can calmly clean your desk, make a plan, and start a new day smoothly.

When communicating, arriving 15 minutes early, you can calmly correct your appearance, familiarize yourself with the surrounding space, and start approaching people earlier.

When visiting someone, arrive 15 minutes early, you can prepare gifts properly, knock on the door on time, spend more time chatting with each other.

In an era where everyone has at least one smartphone in hand, why do many successful people still have the habit of wearing watches? It is not only a desire to show identity and status, but also a way of maintaining punctuality and respecting time.

Respecting your own time is wise, respecting other people’s time is a basic quality.

People with high EQ always implicitly follow 6 rules, thereby winning the hearts of both bosses and colleagues, the job is

2. Always carry a notebook and pen with you

Don’t lose the habit of carrying a pen and paper with you just because your phone has built-in recording and note-taking tools. After being outside for a long time, you will gradually realize this is a good habit.

One is because of work needs. When going to a meeting with a leader or a meeting, even if the boss directs 2-3 sentences, even if the customer only calls for 3-5 minutes, you still have to use a pen to write down important things. Taking notes both promotes memory and is a way to show a thorough and meticulous attitude at work. Later, when you want to find information is also easier.

The second is because of urgent need. When looking for a leader to sign documents, when meeting with a customer to sign a contract, when needing to take notes, but the battery suddenly runs out of battery … many similar cases can happen, so “be careful and worryless”.

People with high EQ always implicitly follow 6 rules, thereby gaining the favor of both bosses and colleagues, the work is

3. Bring a few packets of tea, coffee, candies in your bag

When moving outside, especially when traveling on business, people may need to “recharge” energy to take advantage of work. At that point, a few packets of tea, coffee, and candy available in the bag would help a lot.

Of course, these items can be easily purchased anywhere. But that will make you miss the opportunity to show yourself as a person who cares and thinks for people.

Small, everyday concerns can help you silently score points when not good. Even if colleagues and superiors do not directly say it, the impression in their hearts will gradually change.

4. Notice right from the seat position

Many young people who have just entered the working environment are so “heartless” that they do not pay attention to the basic etiquette in daily communication. Little do they know, small details like your seating position can make your boss notice you.

Should I sit in the front row or the back row after riding with the leader? When attending a dinner party with the leader, what is the order of the seats? In a group meeting, should you sit near or far from your boss? There are many things you should pay more attention to in order to show the right attitude.

High EQ people always implicitly follow 6 rules, thereby winning the hearts of both bosses and colleagues, the work is

5. Dress in accordance with the company culture

The workplace is not your own home to “wear what you like”. The most important rule in dress code is the appropriate culture of the company.

If the company is full of young people, everyone dresses comfortably, as long as you do a good job, you can wear jeans and T-shirts. If the company emphasizes elegance and professionalism, put on straight suits and office clothes.

In the workplace, whether male or female, dress appropriately and properly is the most basic professional quality. External appearance can have a huge impact on first impressions.

6. Say hello to the leader

The low EQ person lowered his head to play with the phone, pretending not to see his boss approaching. If leaders don’t know you, they don’t see your talent. If the leader knows you, the impression of a non-communicative and self-confident employee makes them ignore your ability.

The company only has so many management positions, only so many opportunities to increase salary. If you don’t have the sense to make yourself stand out in the eyes of leaders, how can you make it to the list for promotion?

So, if you meet a leader whether inside or outside the company, unless you are in special circumstances, you should naturally say hello. If time allows, it is best to have a few sentences to give the leader an impression of himself.

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According to Phuong Thuy

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