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Ho Chi Minh City International School was flooded with 1 star votes by netizens

After parents livestreamed, the online community flooded with 1-star reviews on the Google platform for Ho Chi Minh City International School – American Academy (ISHCMC-AA, An Phu, Thu Duc City). ISHCMC is a school with tuition fees of more than half a billion, quite famous in Ho Chi Minh City.

The case of singer THT whose daughter was beaten by a classmate at the International School of Ho Chi Minh City – American Academy (ISHCMC-AA, An Phu, Thu Duc City) on May 26 is still receiving great attention. from the online community.

Since the morning of May 28, netizens have flooded to search and evaluate ISHCMC-AA School on the Google platform. As of 3:30 p.m. on the same day, this school has received a total of nearly 25,000 reviews.

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1-star rain from the online community for ISHCMC-AA International School

Currently, netizens have not shown any signs of stopping and are pouring in more 1-star reviews by the minute. Most netizens were extremely angry and severely criticized when this school was accused by parents of “rejecting responsibility, saying that the incident happened outside the school premises”.

Some comments from netizens:

“Just knock down the school page. Irresponsible”

“Send my child to the school, my child is beaten, but the school is too irresponsible”.

“The school’s handling is so poor, the child gets hit and doesn’t get mad, the other man just stops yelling at me…”

“I don’t know the reason why they fight…but in an international environment, students still lose like this…the school should reconsider…”

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According to THT’s livestream, this parent went to the school to work but was initially not allowed in, only when she threatened to broadcast live did the school open. However, she repeatedly received refusals from the school when she wanted to talk to her granddaughter who beat her child. In addition, the school refused to deal with the incident and repeatedly mentioned calling the police.

Next, the school replied to her that it would give the other parent’s phone number so that the two parties could resolve it themselves with the reason that “the incident happened outside the school”. After a while, the school security took the other two students out of the building, these two showed a defiant attitude.

The attitude of the father and the female student accused of hitting friends

Ms. T. affirmed, no matter what the outcome of this case, she also decided to let her children stop studying at this school.

According to the website of ISHCM – AA International School, the school’s tuition fee is quite expensive, about 550 million VND.

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