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Home decoration in minimalist style

1. Single color palette selection

A mixture of simple modern colors such as white acrylic table, white wall color and bright white furniture helps to brighten the overall room. At the same time, the use of shiny colors helps your space to be both minimalist, modern, and express elegance.

2. Use rattan and bamboo materials

Furniture made of rattan, bamboo, and bamboo are factors that help you to minimize your space. They bring your home close to nature. In addition, they bring harmony to the room and these materials are very environmentally friendly.

3. Choose a simple kitchen shelf

Instead of using too many cumbersome textures or too dominant colors, you can choose simple, gentle designs and neutral harmonious colors for the kitchen counter. The use of simple designs will create youthfulness, sophistication and elegance for the whole kitchen.

4. Take advantage of natural light

Let all the natural light in your living room. With crisp white walls and a bit of natural color from fresh flowers can turn a simple space into a cozy corner of the room.

5. Decoration for the entrance to the house

The first impression of guests upon arrival is the entrance to your house. You can decorate with a couch, a few potted plants and some accessories or photos to make your home unique. All include simple items but will create a gentle beauty and attract the eyes of the guests.

6. Decorate and balance the bedroom

The bedroom is a place that brings a cozy feeling to your family but at the same time it is also a place for you to relax and rest. Therefore, you need to balance these two factors. Avoid decorating too many accessories that will make your bedroom look messy. At the same time, you should keep your space clean and tidy to ensure sleep and health.

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