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Husband went home for a few days and brought up a child, I was shocked to hear his statement

Our couple live in a city but only enough to eat and clothe, not much. My husband has a gentle disposition, loves people, often helps difficult situations. Every month, we also send them home for Husband’s parent 2 million, considered as food, medicine.

A few days ago, my husband announced that he needed to go back to his hometown for urgent work. Then I heard about my sister-in-law going to the doctor and finding out Cancer The last stage is very much in need of money. Dear love, I also transferred 50 million to my husband, telling him to send it to my sister-in-law to help me. I’m too busy with work, and my children are still young, so I can’t visit her.

Then my sister-in-law also called to thank me. Thought it was fine like that. Unexpectedly, 4 days later, my husband brought my sister-in-law’s children to my house. The child is just over 3 years old.

My husband claims to have adopted him. My sister-in-law has to take care of her illness and doesn’t have much longer to live, so she needs someone to take care of her. But handing it over to my grandmother’s house, my husband is not at ease. Because that side is complicated, her husband is an alcoholic, her parents-in-law are gentle and afraid of boys. My husband is worried that he will live with his father and suffer.

I did not expect my husband to arbitrarily decide such a big thing without consulting me. Out of surprise and anger, I loudly blamed my husband disrespect his wife.

He explained that he was afraid that I would not agree, so he “paid for the payment later”. Adoption of grandchildren, for me is the right thing to do, so I have no objection. But thinking about the poor economic situation, I still have two children, one is 7 years old, one is more than 1 year old. Now that I have another baby, I don’t know how hard life will be? But when I returned the grandchild to my grandfather’s house, my husband refused. He is even thinking of a solution when his brother-in-law asks for a child. What should I do with the baby now?


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