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Immediately apply 5 “golden rules” for your children to obey and be ready to cooperate

Psychologist Dr. Jeremy Sherman (USA) has pointed out that: “If you find yourself more inclined to yell, lecture, preach, and lecture than simply communicate, that’s probably part of your childhood experience. People who were yelled at a lot tend to be more likely to be scolded. directed or scolded others”.

However, there are many people who argue that parents scolding or hitting their children just want the best for the child. There are many children who are very taciturn, and if they do not use such strong measures, it is difficult to teach them. Actually, this is wrong thinking. Criticism, scolding children sometimes aggravate the problem. Not only do children not listen to them, but they also react and deal with them. Therefore, parents should find ways to teach their children more effectively.

How do parents’ words become more “weighted”? Here are 5 essential principles for children to wholeheartedly listen to their parents.

1. I don’t do my own thing when I talk to my parents

When talking to your child, want your child to listen and focus on your parents’ words, first ask your child to stop everything he’s doing. Only then will the baby not be distracted, completely paying attention to the parents. It is at these times that your words really make an impression on children.

When asking children not to do personal things, parents should avoid when their children are busy playing. By forcing them to suddenly stop doing their favorite thing, children will feel resentful and disgruntled. When the child’s mood is not good, all parents’ words will “go in one ear and out the other”.

Teach children not to use whips, immediately apply 5


2. Parents, please look your child straight in the eye and talk

When you have asked your child to stop doing his own work and focus on you, parents should look him in the eye to talk. This way of talking will help your baby remember better. Adults can also control the child’s cooperative attitude, and the child can also understand the mood that the parents are expressing.

When looking into their children’s eyes, parents should use moderate language and volume. No matter how angry you are, do not yell at your child loudly. The adult’s face should not show anger. On the contrary, show your child how serious you are.

3. Don’t remind too many times

When asking children to do something, for example reminding them to sit at the desk on time, parents do not say it over and over again. Because this will make children feel bored, children become annoyed with the words of their parents. Besides, if you remind these words too much with anger, the child will feel scared and have an avoidance mentality.

The best way parents should only say the request to the child 1-2 times and have the child repeat it. This will be an opportunity for children to remember longer the teachings of their parents.

4. Give age-appropriate punishment, encourage educational-oriented punishment

In order for the child not to repeat the same mistakes, parents can punish the child. However, depending on the age of the child, appropriate punishment is given. In addition, parents are encouraged to use educational punishments. Parents should analyze right and wrong after the child calms down so that the child can learn from experience and not repeat the offense again, only then will the punishment have a deterrent value, helping children to better perceive.

For example, when a child hits a classmate, instead of yelling and hitting the child, parents can use punishment. For example, parents ask the child to clean his or her own bedroom for a week. Then when your child is calm and happy, show them what’s wrong with hitting you. Also let your child know that hands can do many useful things like cleaning the room (helping parents to be less busy and have a cleaner space for themselves) instead of hurting others.

Teach children not to use whips, immediately apply 5


5. Praise and encourage children when they obey

Children deserve praise and encouragement when they obey and perform well the requests that parents give them.

Children, just like adults, love praise and good feedback from others. So parents should know how to take advantage of opportunities to praise children. With support, I will definitely continue to develop. The rewards for your baby’s obedience should be something they enjoy. Maybe it’s a new toy, a book your child loves to read, a favorite food…

For children to obey is not difficult, as long as you calmly find a solution, the stubborn, difficult-to-talk child will be more obedient.

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