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Male student bleeding “little boy” because of his girlfriend’s rough play-Life Health

Friday, May 27, 2022 19:00 PM (GMT+7)

Doctor Nguyen Hoai Bac, Department of Andrology and Sex Medicine – Hanoi Medical University Hospital has just given first aid to a male student who had bleeding from his penis after circumcision.

It was a 3rd year student of a Hanoi University. The patient came to the hospital in a state of profuse bleeding.

Before that, 10 days ago, the male student was circumcised, the stitches healed well, and was assigned to cut the thread. The doctor carefully advised the male student not to have sex for 2 weeks and to keep it up after that to ensure the wound was completely healed.

Male student bleeding


“It wouldn’t be worth mentioning if the male student didn’t have a “personality” girlfriend. She insisted that the male student show what the “little penis” looks like after circumcision. For some reason, when the male student clicked his tongue to show it, the girlfriend was very naughty, and then the stitches were “rip” almost completely, the blood was soaked in his pants. The incident happened, that girly personality was probably partly out of surprise, partly because she felt guilty that she sat down, hugging her face and crying, causing the male student to hide himself while trying to temporarily stop the bleeding, I just took a motorbike taxi to the hospital for treatment. Thinking about that scene, the doctor himself felt shivers, “said Dr. Bac.

Through this school, the male doctor recommends that children should be respected and preserved.

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