Mr. Park Hang-seo wants to borrow Hoang Duc to bring to a foreign club to play

This morning, May 28, President Nguyen Xuan Phuc had a meeting with the coach of the men’s football team Park Hang-seo and the coach of the women’s football team Mai Duc Chung, after the two teams had just won the award. Gold medal at SEA Games 31.

  Mr. Park Hang-seo wants to borrow Hoang Duc to bring to a foreign club to compete - Photo 1.

President Nguyen Xuan Phuc meets coaches Park Hang-seo and Mai Duc Chung – Photo: The Dung

Notably, at the meeting, coach Park Hang-seo said that after the men’s football team participated in the major tournaments of the Asian Cup, World Cup, etc., many foreign clubs were interested in the players. Vietnam.

“We clearly see that many national championships are very interested in Vietnamese players. In addition to Quang Hai player who is going abroad to play, player Hoang Duc is also being played by many Japanese clubs, Korea is interested,” said Mr. Park Hang-seo.

According to Park Hang-seo, Hoang Duc currently has a very long contract with Viettel club (with a 3-year contract left), so he cannot play in foreign clubs. Therefore, if waiting for the end of the contract with Viettel, the golden time will be over for Hoang Duc to receive invitations from big clubs in Asia.

Mr. Park shared that Hoang Duc could not terminate the contract between Hoang Duc and Viettel and expressed his wish that the club would lend Hoang Duc to top clubs in Korea and Japan for at least 1 year so that the player could continue. approach, study and practice in the region’s advanced football system.

“This is the most important stage for Hoang Duc to improve his level. I think Hoang Duc’s talent is not only a problem of Viettel but also a problem of individual players, the capacity of the team, and the whole world. the country. Hoang Duc’s going abroad will be of great help to the national team,” said Mr. Park.

The men’s football team coach also shared that Viettel’s absence of Hoang Duc also caused damage, but this is also an opportunity for other young players to inherit to fill the void left by Hoang Duc.

“I really hope that the President can speak to Viettel on a national level, a national basis, a general aspect of the country to support Hoang Duc at this time. For Korean and Japanese clubs, to negotiating players this season is only in July 2022, after July is the end of the opportunity, so the time left is very short” – Coach Park Hang-seo suggested.

  Mr. Park Hang-seo wants to borrow Hoang Duc to bring to a foreign club to compete - Photo 2.

President Nguyen Xuan Phuc gives gifts to Coach Park Hang-seo

At the meeting, the President noted that Vietnamese football still has many difficulties and challenges, so he wanted to listen directly to the enthusiastic opinions of two talented coaches of Vietnamese football to promote sports and football. Vietnam develops sustainably, is advanced and integrated, improves professionalism and gradually follows the trend and reaches the level of the continent and the world.

The President asked the sports industry and the Vietnam Football Federation to pay attention to detecting and training young football, especially detecting local talents. It is necessary to continue to have an investment policy for football that is focused and wide-ranging and in-depth. There should be mechanisms and policies to create conditions for players to practice, to promote their ability to participate in the national team and clubs; Special attention should be paid to the coaching staff.

The State President asked the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to coordinate with the Vietnam Football Federation to soon complete the strategic project of Vietnamese football development in the spirit of long-term, advanced and sustainable development. international import. Since then, improving the professionalism of football from training, coaching, competition to remuneration policy, employment…

The State President also suggested that localities should pay more attention to planning land for sports, investing in facilities, developing professional sports based on a solid foundation of physical training and mass sports. schools, thereby discovering and training young athletes for national teams.

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