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My husband had an affair, but I tore up the divorce papers many times because he was handsome and made good money

May 28, 2022 07:54 GMT+7

I was heartbroken when I found out many times that my husband was having an affair, but I was powerless to break up.

In the past, I also had the thought that marrying a peachy, talented, and good-looking husband would inevitably cause him to have outsiders. When I first fell in love, I was also proud to have “cut off the top” of many beautiful and long-legged girls trying to get his love. But I could not have imagined that I would suffer with a promiscuous husband.

Married for 5 years, everyone tells me that I’m happy, married a “marshy man”, owns a profitable company, lives in a villa, the couple each have a car… It’s true If I talk about material things, I may be better than many of my peers, but calling me happy is not necessarily true, because I have a lot of heartache.

After giving birth, I was heartbroken to find out that my husband has an outsider. At that time, my husband also showed remorse and regret, he mercilessly broke up with his beautiful young girlfriend to return to his wife and children. I am also happy, considering it a “small accident” so that my husband will soon wake up and never have an affair again. At that time, I also admitted that part of the reason was that I was fatter and uglier after giving birth, always only knowing about my children, lack of attention and care for my husband.

But just a few months later, my husband continued to plunge into an affair with an outsider. I was so angry that I hugged my son back to my grandmother’s house and didn’t want to see my husband anymore. But then, my husband once again flattered, promised all kinds of wishes for his wife’s forgiveness, and admitted his mistakes before his parents-in-law… Loving the young child, I again forgave my husband.

My husband cheats again and again, but I don't want a divorce because he's handsome and makes good money - Photo 2.


Since then, I don’t know how many times I suffered when I found out that my husband’s phone was full of sweet and loving messages with other girls. My husband often goes home late at night, indifferent to sex with his wife. I know my husband has an outsider, he is not only with one but several people at the same time. Many people have advised me to fight jealousy, but I don’t think that will solve anything, my husband’s promiscuity is better than anyone.

Many times I have already written a divorce petition, but then I tore it up, seeing that the child is still young, it has not committed any crime to be separated from his father or mother. Even my husband admits his promiscuous habit that is hard to quit. My husband said that, if he couldn’t stand it, he would be ready for a divorce and would buy a house and provide for my mother and me to live a full month each month. But I was the one who hesitated to let the divorce happen.

For nearly 2 years now, I have chosen the path of not caring about my husband’s external affairs, focusing on taking good care of my children, considering it as a fulcrum. My husband does not know what he does when he goes out, but when he comes home, he is very concerned about his wife and children. He loves me hard to take care of children, so he often compensates me by taking his wife and children to go shopping, go out… My husband is also very concerned with his wife’s family, whenever he has a job, he arranges to go out with me.

I couldn’t bear to leave my husband because I was afraid that after the divorce, things would get worse and fall into crisis. I also regret and still love because my husband is a handsome, elegant, successful man that I am usually proud of. I am also afraid that when I divorce, both me and my children will suffer, and the woman who replaces my mother and daughter will be pampered and live in abundance.

Sometimes I feel sad and lonely in my house. Am I too stupid to accept my husband’s affair? Should I maintain my current perfect family life, or bravely end the marriage? Give me advice!


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