North Korea tests samples from rivers and lakes, garbage to search for COVID-19

KCNA North Korean officials are stepping up testing and disinfection across the country, said the official. This country reports epidemic trends COVID-19 gradually “stabilized” during the week, with signs showing that the fever wave is decreasing and the death rate is low.

Citing data from North Korea’s emergency epidemic prevention agency, KCNA The country recorded an additional 100,460 people with fever symptoms on May 26. This is a far cry from the daily fever case reported 10 days ago. At that time, the number of feverish people reached nearly 400,000 cases/day.

North Korea tests samples from rivers and lakes, garbage to track COVID-19 - 1

North Korea is working to contain the COVID-19 outbreak. (Photo: Reuters)

Also on May 26, another person died from fever in North Korea. Since April, the total number of fever patients in North Korea has increased to 3,270,850, while the death toll is 69.

Follow KCNANorth Korea’s epidemic prevention and control facilities have collected samples from many sources to check whether the areas have been infected with COVID-19.

“Emergency epidemic prevention and control agencies at all levels give priority to testing patient samples taken from rivers and lakes, and at the same time disinfecting hundreds of thousands of cubic meters of wastewater and thousands of tons of garbage per day… to control investigation and analysis”, KCNA let me know.

KCNA did not detail North Korea’s testing methods. Last year, North Korea said it had developed a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test device.

Video released by KCNA shows a group of North Korean officials wearing protective suits and medical masks transferring boxes with a “sample carrier” sign.

“Officials are collecting samples from people showing signs of fever… and testing drinks produced at water plants in Pyongyang to make sure it’s clean and safe.” Jo Chol Ung, deputy director of the Pyongyang City Sanitation and Epidemic Prevention Center said.

On May 12, North Korea reported its first case of COVID-19 infection after declaring no cases of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in more than two years and announcing the deployment of a virus control system of “maximum emergency”. multi”.

North Korea has mobilized armed forces, including 3,000 military medical personnel, for a 24-hour drug distribution system, with 500 response teams to assist in the treatment of infected patients.

In addition, factories in the country are producing more medicines, thermometers and other medical supplies in the capital Pyongyang and surrounding areas. There are also more isolation areas and increased disinfection across the country.

South Korea and the United States have offered to help North Korea fight the epidemic, including providing a vaccine. However, to date, Pyongyang has not responded to the request.

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