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Parents accuse their children of being beaten by classmates

Parents of an international school in Ho Chi Minh City accuse their children of being beaten by classmates

In the past few days, the social network has been stirred up by the fact that Mrs. THT accused her daughter of being beaten by a classmate, which happened at the International School of Ho Chi Minh City (ISHCMC-AA) in An Phu, Ho Chi Minh City. Thu Duc, HCMC.

According to Ms. T., last week, the school organized a trip to Ho Tram for students. Her daughter was holding a chair for a friend, when another female friend approached and asked: “Is anyone sitting in this chair?”, and immediately replied, “The chair is already occupied”. The next day, Ms. T.’s daughter was beaten, punched in the chest by the other female student, and scratched her body right at the school campus. Several other students who ran to intervene were also beaten.

“The school denied responsibility, blamed and said that the family parties should solve it themselves. I was extremely frustrated, could not keep calm”, Ms. H. wrote.

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Parents accuse their daughter and classmates of being beaten on school grounds (Photo: FBNV)

On her personal Facebook page, Ms. T constantly shared a lot of information around the incident, even livestreaming (live streaming) received a “huge” follow-up. She said she would transfer schools for her children. On May 27, when students did not come to class, the school sent a message to notify them of their absence.

“The conflict between the two sides cannot be resolved, and the school does not commit to ensuring the safety of students. On the day of the incident, my child nor get medical care as the school said!”, Ms. T. exasperated. The mother confirmed that she did not agree with the school’s solution and would handle the case to the end.

The principal confirmed the incident, continued to research and find a way to handle it

Talking to us on May 28, Mr. Nathan Swenson, Principal of International School HCMC (ISHCMC-AA) confirmed, on the afternoon of May 26, a group of students argued “outside the school campus”, but near.

A total of four students involved in the scuffle were asked to return to school for medical check-ups. Although the students have scratches and scrapes on their bodies, their health is stable and there are no serious problems. After that, all 4 students were invited to the Principal’s office to clarify the incident and the cause.

“However, when we were just starting to talk, the parents of the students came and interrupted,” said Nathan Swenson, adding that the school was forced to focus on working with parents, so it was not possible to continue. Continue talking to students.

On May 27, the school continued to learn and understand the general content of the case, and at the same time contacted the parents of the students to find a way to handle it.

“Next week, we will meet a number of students’ families. Those who cannot be reached by phone, we have all sent e-mails,” the principal said.

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The mother confirmed that she would follow the case to the end (Image: FBNV)

“The children tried to solve the problem on their own, causing the incident to unfortunately escalate”

Regarding solutions to avoid similar incidents in the future, according to Mr. Nathan Swenson, International School Ho Chi Minh City (ISHCMC-AA) has a team including the head of the school safety department (DSL) and 2 working advisors. closely with students when they face problems (personal, academic, family,…).

Students are encouraged to talk to this team whenever they have a problem to find a solution. In fact, the team has helped many students over the years in different ways.

“In the case of the brawl, not a single student chose to talk to us, instead trying to solve the problem alone, which unfortunately escalated the incident,” said Nathan Swenson.

According to the principal, students are in their teens, sometimes making wrong decisions in behavior. If children fall into those situations, teachers are always there to help.

Mr. Nathan Swenson hopes that all students in this case, regardless of their role, will have the opportunity to develop and learn from what happened.

“We cannot change the actions of our students, but we will accompany and help them understand the consequences of these actions. From there they can learn and grow to become a better version of themselves. himself,” said the principal.

It is the school’s position to report the incident to all students and remind them that, if there are any problems, they should contact the school for help. Other students, although not involved in the fight, but if psychologically affected, the school is also ready to help.

“We will remind students of the channels they can contact for help in similar cases,” said Nathan Swenson.

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