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Parents accuse their daughter of being abused by a classmate right on the international school campus. MXH

Parents accuse their daughter of being beaten by a classmate in an international school

Two days ago (May 27, 28), social networks spread a clip of a mother going to school confronting the school administration about her daughter’s school violence, which attracted great attention from the public. public, especially parents. In the clip, Ms. THT – a parent with a child attending an international school in Ho Chi Minh City, said that her child and 3 classmates were beaten by a new girl named A who had just moved in after participating in a picnic in Ho Tram. .

According to her, when eating, Ms. T’s son kept the chair for friends to go get food, but an 8th grader wanted to take that chair. At that time, her daughter replied that when someone was sitting there, she was offended. Her daughter did not react.

On May 26, T’s child was beaten and punched in the chest by students from the same school. And according to what she said in the livestream, the teacher saw it but did not intervene. “The other kid also wanted to drag my son outside to beat him again. Outside, near the school, many male students were waiting for my son with weapons to “execute”. Some other children were disgruntled and wanted to protect my child, so the other female student beat her. All 4 grandchildren (including T’s daughter) are said to be traumatized, cry a lot, panic, chest tightness, people have many scratches and bruises,” said Ms. T indignantly in the livestream.

According to Ms. T, she went to school to work, but at first she was not allowed in. Only when she announced that she would be live, the school opened. But she repeatedly received rejection from the school when it came to the fact that the female student beat her daughter.

In Ms. T’s livestream, the school representative said: “We are not going to allow you to talk to another child. That is not acceptable”.

Parents accuse their daughter of being abused by a classmate right on the international school campus. MXH - 1

Ms. T’s daughter and her injuries were said by Ms. T to be the result of being abused by a friend. (Photo: Facebook THT)

In addition, when all four parents of the students who were beaten came to school, they were not welcomed, had to wait in the hallway, while the parents of the female student accused of beating friends were allowed to sit in the office. During the livestream, Ms. T was very upset, but the school kept asking her not to scream, otherwise there would be no conversation. They also refused to settle the matter.

After that, according to Ms. T’s account, the school replied that Ms. T would give the phone number of the parent of the student who beat her so that the two sides could resolve it by themselves with the reason that “the incident happened outside the school”.

At this time, Ms. THT was very upset with the way the school administrators worked, but continued to use English to communicate with the school’s representatives.

Parents accuse their daughter of being abused by a classmate right on the international school campus. MXH - 3

On her personal page, Ms. T informed about the incident.

On her personal page, Ms. T said that the school announced the incident outside the school campus, while the clip of the beating happened in the school yard. In addition, her daughter did not receive medical care and when she asked to extract the camera, the school did not provide it. Currently, she has temporarily stopped her child from going to school because she is concerned that her child will not be safe after being beaten by a student.

Immediately after being spread on social networks, the dialogue between the mother whose child was abused by a classmate and the representative of the international school received the attention of many people with millions of views and comments. Those who watched the clip left comments saying that it was appropriate for Ms. T to do so. Because she was determined to protect her daughter against school violence. In particular, they took the time to praise when Ms. T confidently communicated with foreign teachers in English.

Parents accuse their daughter of being abused by a classmate right on the international school campus. MXH - 4

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Netizens expressed their views.

The principal of the international school speaks out

According to Zing, Mr. Nathan Swenson – the principal of the international school confirmed that the incident happened on the afternoon of May 26, after school, outside the school.

According to the school’s principal, at that time, a part-time teaching assistant at the school saw students fighting. This person immediately entered the school, called the person to stop. He personally came out and led the children to the school. Then he sent the children to the school health room to check. The nurse determined that the student was scratched, there was no serious problem, so he sent them home.

According to the principal, the school follows the handling process, inviting relevant students to talk to find out before working with their families to resolve the matter. However, when they first started talking, parents came over, there was a dispute, they had to stop.

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One of the students involved in the incident had to go to the hospital for a check-up.

Due to the unresolved issue on May 26, May 27, the school continued to find out for a solution. “Today, the school spoke to 14 students. We get the facts. The next step is to talk to the parent to resolve the issue. Normally, the school handles the incident smoothly to help the children resolve the conflict, but things become more difficult when the investigation process is so hindered,” said the representative of the international school.

When asked about parents complaining about having to suspend their children from school because of concerns about safety, Mr. Swenson refused to provide information on whether students attended school or not on May 27. However, he has repeatedly insisted that the school is still safe and that “other students are still going to school”.

At the same time, he refused to share about how to deal with the students involved, saying that the school has regulations on disciplinary action but there has never been a precedent for students to fight like this incident.

The school principal said the school will also find out why the students involved did not report conflicts to teachers and staff in charge before letting the matter become serious.

Mr. Swenson also said the school had sent an email to parents with children attending here to notify the incident. Regarding the fact that they have not contacted the family of the student who was beaten, he explained that because the incident happened on the afternoon of May 26, since then, they have been busy with many things, including the farewell meeting for the 12th graders, so have not worked with parents.

On May 27, the school plans to contact families to inquire about the student’s health status, notify them of the completion of the verification process and make an appointment with them.

Currently, this international school with a tuition fee of hundreds of millions is being flooded with 1 star votes by netizens.

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