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Saffron SALAM – A 5-year journey to conquer the hearts of consumers nationwide

After only 5 years of presence in Vietnam, Saffron SALAM has conquered the Vietnamese market with the prestigious award “Top 10 Vietnam Leading Brands 2022”. Let’s take a look back at this special journey of Saffron SALAM!

Tough start

In Middle Eastern countries, Saffron has been used for a long time for health and beauty purposes. However, in Vietnam 5 years ago, very few Vietnamese knew about Saffron. At that time Saffron was only brought to Vietnam in the form of hand-carried or bought gifts from friends and relatives from Dubai, India, Iran….

Ms. Vu Thanh Hoa – CEO of Vietnam Saffron Joint Stock Company was the first to bring Saffron SALAM – a rare 5-year-old pistil line to Vietnam.

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Saffron SALAM in saffron fields in Mashhad (Iran)

As someone who had the opportunity to use Saffron very early, realizing the health benefits that Saffron brought, Ms. Vu Thanh Hoa was determined to find out and set out to Iran to bring Saffron to Vietnam by official route. . After a field trip in Iran’s “Saffron capital”, she decided to choose Saffron SALAM – the rarest 5-year-old saffron pistil to bring home.

“To bring Saffron SALAM to Vietnam is a very difficult process. Not to mention the barriers of geographical distance, language…. Iran is an embargoed country, so the paperwork to import is complicated and takes a lot more time. From the process of signing contracts, forms of payment, transportation, customs clearance… are all challenging journeys. However, after Saffron SALAM officially entered the Vietnamese market, the challenge was even greater. How do people know about SALAM and use this herb as a habit to take care of their health”, said CEO Vu Thanh Hoa.

The 5-year journey to conquer the hearts of consumers nationwide

Looking back at the 5-year journey step by step conquering the hearts of consumers across the country, many people will probably be surprised. Surprised that a brand that is only 5 years old like Saffron SALAM has gained a large market share in a market that already has many popular herbs such as Korean red ginseng, Tibetan cordyceps…

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Recalling 2017 when Saffron SALAM returned to Vietnam, this product line immediately created a nationwide fever. Everywhere flocked to hunt for “five-year-old saffron”. Saffron VIETNAM said that in the first year, they had to open 20 consecutive showrooms nationwide to serve the needs of buyers. Saffron SALAM is a “phenomenon” when the number of people searching and discussing the product on the Internet and social networking sites increases rapidly.

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At that time, besides the commendable information, there were also many comments that SALAM would soon recede and gradually cool down. But in fact, only 1 year later, SALAM continued to achieve memorable milestones. Thanks to the valuable health benefits that they bring, more and more people know and buy them. SALAM gradually becomes a familiar name in the country, especially for those who focus on body care.

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Up to now, Saffron SALAM has become a name that leaves a deep impression in the hearts of the majority of consumers. The proof is that on May 21, Saffron SALAM won the award “Top 10 Leading Brands in Vietnam 2022” organized by the Vietnam Union of Science and Business Development.

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Looking back at Saffron SALAM’s 5-year journey, it can be seen that product quality has an important contribution to the success of a brand. This is also the top expectation of Vietnamese consumers today.

See more details about Saffron SALAM at: https://saffron.vn/

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