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Series of “breakthrough” designs of fashion students

The Exhibition of Design Projects with an impressive series of products by students of Course 19, majoring in Fashion Design took place at Hanoi University of Architecture from May 19 to June 2, 2022. Prominent and attractive to the audience is the Mini Show held on the morning of May 23, 2022 by the members of the Fashion Club themselves: from sketching, finishing products to modeling on the catwalk.

The exhibition is the creative result of the projects for the 3rd year students, demonstrating their aesthetic thinking, creativity and enthusiasm for the field they are pursuing.

Breakthrough design series of fashion students - Photo 1.

Through the works on display, Fashion Design students submit the best “versions” from diverse sources of inspiration, elaborate investment, and unique personalities. Future designers have turned design products that are not only limited to drawings but also “life” into applied fashion products that are well received by the public.

Composition projects belong to 3 foundational modules, cultivate specialized knowledge and supplement other essential skills for students in the fashion design process, including: Fabric surface treatment, Fashion graphics 2 and Design on mannequin.

Breakthrough design series of fashion students - Photo 2.

Fabric surface treatment helps students grasp techniques from simple to complex crafts, on materials (printing, bleaching, dyeing…) and surface treatment (embroidery, bonding, stuffing, etc.) …). The Fashion Graphics Module 2 is based on a combination of ideas and graphic techniques. Students not only gain basic knowledge of graphics but also know how to feel and effectively convey graphic products into specialized languages.

The design module on mannequin provides knowledge for students about sketching, building product structures, choosing materials suitable for designs, designing product samples on mannequins, developing new models, 2D – 3D model….

The exhibition space displays fashion graphic products of various genres such as bags, towels, shirts, product packaging, stamps and impressive costumes selected from 2 Surface Treatment Modules. Fabric and Pattern Design on mannequin.

Breakthrough design series of fashion students - Photo 3.

Not only the pioneering creativity, the Creative Projects Exhibition is also a great opportunity for candidates to learn and choose the Fashion Design industry with the most realistic and vivid information about the industry. learn. The event also aims to introduce the breakthrough ideas of fashion students of Hanoi University of Architecture to the public as well as to the network of businesses that use design personnel.

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