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Set up an association on Zalo to broker 7 million VND / turn

On May 28, Ha Dong District Police (Hanoi) said that they had criminally detained Dao Quang Hien and Dao Long Thanh (18 years old, living in Hanoi) to investigate acts of commercial brokerage. erotic.

Previously, through the work of understanding the situation of the area, the police discovered that at a number of coffee shops in Ha Cau ward, there were a number of suspicious subjects who accompanied young girls and then went to restaurants. accommodation, hotel.

Set up an association on Zalo to sell sex 7 million VND / turn - Photo 1.

Two subjects were arrested.

Conducting an administrative inspection of the Royal Hotel in Phu La Ward (Ha Dong District), the police caught two couples in the act of buying and selling sex. The two prostitutes claimed to be from outside the province and were brokered by the object named Show for 4 million VND and 7 million VND each time.

The process of verifying, searching Hien’s whereabouts, seizing computers, phones, etc. are related to acts of prostitution brokerage.

In addition to the object of Hien, Ha Dong district police clarified that Dao Long Thanh was involved. Specifically, in February 2022, Hien and Thanh discussed forming a Zalo group “Top One SG Hanoi Pho” to find customers to buy sex and a group “Bon Chen Association” to introduce customers to prostitutes to gain illicit profits. .

To run the two groups above, currently uses the Zalo account “La Dieu Bong” and Thanh uses the account “Nghiem Gia Long” to negotiate with customers to buy sex from 3.5 to 7 million VND/time.

When the broker is successful, the subjects keep 1-3 million dong from the client and send the prostitute to a happy address.

The case is currently under investigation.

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