Should I buy a cheap electrical discharger?

Every year, at certain times, electronics supermarkets launch discharge programs to sell old models and push inventory. Programs often appear when new product lines are introduced to the market. The old models are brought out to “discharge” with a reduction of 30 – 60% of the previous selling price.

At the end of May, a system of electronics supermarkets running discounts and sales programs is attracting many customers with diverse products from electronics and refrigeration; home appliances, phones, laptops to smart accessories.

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Users should consider when choosing electronic items. (Illustration image: Internet)

The biggest price drops belong to the product lines of phones, tablets and accessories up to 50%. For example, Acer Travelmate B3 laptop model is halved to VND 5 – 5.5 million. Some laptop models from Intel and Lenovo are having a good discount, 30% compared to the previous price.

Similarly, a wide range of devices Appliances get a discount of “floor collapse” with the rate of 30 – 60% for many items such as induction cookers, infrared cookers, presses, blenders…

Meanwhile, products in the TV, refrigerator, and air-conditioner industry had a smaller reduction of 10 – 40% compared to the previous selling price. Smart TV line NanoCell LG 4K 75 inch 75NANO75TPA reduced by 40% to over 29 million dong; Android TV 58-inch AQUA 4K TV LE58AQT6600U down 38% to 11 million VND…

Many users often take advantage of the strongest “sale off” of the year to buy products because at this time the product price is reduced to the lowest.

Some electricians said that if there are no high requirements for features, users can completely choose the old model. Currently, the life cycle of electronic products is shorter. Every year, manufacturers launch new models, which change in form and add new features and technologies. Therefore, the models that were released not long ago still have the same basic features.

However, users need to choose a reputable facility, so buy models that are not too old, with similar features to the current product line. In addition, users should carefully ask the salesperson about the model, year of manufacture, product status as well as warranty for the product.

According to the advice of some electronics experts, with items such as refrigerators, air conditioners, household appliances, etc., users can choose the old model with deep discounts due to the lack of technologies and features. many changes.

As for TVs, phones or accessories, users should consider it because these products often change models, technology is fast and easy to degrade if not well maintained.

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