Showbiz Chinese has a series of small flowers born in 1985, who is the most beautiful?

They are all beautiful, charming girls of Chinese cinema.

Liu Yifei

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Liu Yifei first made her mark in the public eye in 2003, when she was only 16 years old and became the female lead Vuong Ngu Yen in the film. “Thien Long Bat Bo”. Impressing the audience with a clear and pure appearance, the nickname “Billion billion fairy” has since been born.

During her career, she participated in many films, but left most impressions with historical roles such as Tieu Long Nu in Tieu Long Nu. “God Condor”Ignorant in “Hermon bird nest”Diao Boat in “Bronze of radio”Bach Thien in “Three births three worlds: The ten li of peach blossom”… In 2009, Liu Yifei was awarded the title of one of the “Four Tieu Hoa Dan”. The actress also continuously encroached on movies but did not achieve the expected success, especially the role of Hua Mulan in the movie. “Mulan” (live action) has received much criticism.

Despite being famous and beautiful, Liu Yifei’s unsettled acting has always been a controversial topic and has mixed opinions. However, it is undeniable that she is a very respectful person, with a progressive spirit when she always plays difficult action scenes by herself even at a very young age.

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Duong Mi has been acting since the age of 4, she was hired by the film crew “Minh Hoang Street” choose to play the role of Princess Ham Nghi. The actress also officially entered her acting career since then.

In 2010-2011, Duong Mich accepted to participate in “Corching the heart of pearl” as Tinh Xuyen produced by director Vu Chinh. Since then, the actress’s fame and status in showbiz has also increased like a kite in the wind. Up to now, she still maintains her popularity after 10 years with her roles in “Ancient Sword Ky Dam”, “The Translator”, “Tam Sinh Tam The”, “Empress Phu Dao”… However, the actress also encountered many criticisms from domestic and foreign audiences for her erratic acting, up and down. Although the expression is not too “dull”, but compared to the seasoned career, it is still not recognized as a good acting.

Not only successful with many roles, Duong Mich is also a name invited to be an advertising model with expensive salary. She also owns a net worth of 5 billion yuan (more than 17 trillion VND ~ 744 million USD).

Duong Mich also had a beautiful love affair with actor Luu Khai Uy. The two got married in January 2014 and held a wedding ceremony on the island of Bali. In June of the same year and in June, Duong Mich gave birth to her first daughter, Tieu Gao Sticky Rice. However, the two divorced in 2018.

Trieu Le Dinh

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Trieu Le Dinh was once an unknown actor in the Chinese-language entertainment industry. It wasn’t until 2010, after playing a supporting role in the movie “New Rose Long Dream” and the role of Princess Tinh Nhi in “Tan Hoan Chau Way” is the name. She also owns many famous works such as “Sam Sam has come”, “Flower of Heaven”, “The Tale of Kieu”, “Ming Lan Story”… Although Trieu Le Dinh’s acting is still controversial, not too excellent, but it is considered that she has a good eye for choosing a good script, respects her career and always tries to challenge herself in many different roles. She is also considered a “mirror of overcoming difficulties” of showbiz to achieve the success it is today.

She suddenly announced her marriage to Phung Thieu Phong in October 2018. In August 2019, the actress gave birth to her first son. Currently, Trieu Le Dinh has returned to showbiz after giving birth. It was once commented on as having inferior beauty compared to other minor Chinese at the same time, but it can be seen that the beauty of Trieu Le Dinh is increasing in rank and aura is more attractive in the eyes of the public.


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Although her acting was highly praised, her reputation was not equal to that of the small flowers of the same time. Since her ordination, Ni Ni has mainly engaged in acting on the big screen and has achieved certain achievements. The actress who stirred up the box office in 2011 with her top acting performance in the movie “Kim Lang Thirty-Diagram”. The film brought her name closer to the public, helping her win the Asian Film Award for Best New Actress, and the Shanghai Film Critics Award for Best Actress. best. At the same time, she also immediately became the most sought-after beauty in Cbiz at that time.

In January 2013, Ni Ni became one of the “Four Little Flowers” of China. After that, she continuously tried herself, learning and improving her acting through many different roles. In the near future, the actress will release two movies: “Yanagawa” and “Lost Girl”the same drama that is currently being filmed titled “Western Export Ngoc Mon”.

The beautiful actress also had two love affairs that ended in regret with two regrettable actors, Phung Thieu Phong and Tinh Bach Nhien. Currently, out of 6 small flowers, Ni Ni is the only single girl who has not yet intended to love anyone or marry anyone.

Luu Thi Thi

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Luu Thi Thi is known for her role as Long Quy in the movie “Fairy Sword Phase 3” in 2004. But it was not until 2010 that her name really shined and became an A-list star of Cbiz when she played the role of Nhuo Hy in the movie. “Scarlet heart”. The film as well as her role as Nhuo Hy created a great resonance not only in China but also many other Asian countries. However, after that success, Luu Thi Thi seems to no longer be “named” in hit movies. Her acting has since been underestimated.

In 2016, Luu Thi Thi married actor Quyen Chi Long in Bali island, Indonesia after 3 years of dating. And also 3 years later, she gave birth to her first son named Bo Bo (nickname) in Taiwan. In February 2022, the family of Luu Thi Thi and Quyen Chi Long were entangled in rumors that both were divorced, but it was immediately denied and the couple’s representatives announced that they would ask for legal intervention. handle.

Currently, Luu Thi Thi is also less likely to act in movies than in the past, she mainly takes advertising photos and focuses on taking care of her family.

Yen Street

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In 2009, Duong Yen became a very hot name in the Chinese entertainment industry. She became popular thanks to her role as Tu Huyen in “Fairy Sword period 3”. After that success, she continuously tried more roles. Although it is commented that the eye for choosing the script seems to be going down, the acting is not as impressive as before, but it is undeniable that she has her own famous works. Including a series of famous TV series such as “Thien Kim female thief”, “Active colors live incense”, “Together for life”, “Cam tu vi cuong”

Regarding love, she once had a bad relationship with actor Khuu Trach when he was the one who betrayed her, even after a while, she still didn’t trust enough to love anyone else. Fortunately, she met La Tan when they both acted in the same movie “Cin Tu Yu”. In 2018, the two officially returned to the same house and welcomed their first daughter. Currently, Duong Yen is also acting less and less and mainly focusing on taking care of her happy little family.


Showbiz Chinese has a series of small flowers born in 1985, who is the most beautiful?  - 7

Among the small flowers mentioned above, Angelababy’s acting is considered the most inferior, and also the one with few outstanding works. Audiences often see the actress with stiff expressions, excessive expressions and a habit of rolling her eyes. Angelababy is known for her roles in movies “Love you at first sight”, “First Time”… Although her acting is not very outstanding, but in return, Angelababy is the owner of extremely beautiful, clear and pure beauty.

In 2010, the female star was discovered dating actor Huynh Xiaoming. And since then, Angelababy’s career has also “stepped into the clouds”. Only a year later, she was accused of being a minor tam in the love story between Ly Phi Nhi and Huynh Xiaoming. Despite the public’s talk, the couple has always proved that they are each other’s beautiful love and officially got married in 2016 with a wedding of the century that everyone wishes to have. They also quickly gave birth to their first son and had happy times together. However, on January 28, 2022, the two confirmed their divorce after a long time with broken rumors.

It can be seen that the same flowers are popular in mainland China, but not everyone has the same happiness. Some people are perfectly happy with small families, some have broken marriages, and there are people who use fame as a springboard for promotion. However, not to discuss personal life, the female stars above are still beautiful and talented Tieu Hoa Dan.

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