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Snake swings on car wipers, startling the driver

Recently, a short video has just been shared by a user, causing netizens to stir, both funny and scared. The car that was running on the road suddenly appeared an ‘uninvited guest’, which was a snake swinging on the windshield.

Snakes swinging on car wipers startling the driver - Photo 1.

Video recorded by the driver while on the road in the suburbs of Queensland, Australia.

The driver tried to control the car stably on the road after being startled when he saw a snake appearing right on the windshield.

The driver said the snake came out from under the car’s bonnet. The snake carefree performs a series of crawling and crawling movements, turning itself into a wiper without a switch, cleaning the glass itself.

Snake swings on car wipers, startling the driver

The snakes often hide in cars to avoid too cold weather. After about 45 seconds, the snake was wounded, blowing out of the air and hitting the windshield with a small noise.

Melbourne Zoo reptile expert Alex Mitchell surmised the snake was inside the car’s bonnet and then got stuck on the windshield wipers, the car was traveling at high speed causing it to get stuck. love.

“In this situation where the snake is likely to be seriously injured, the driver could pull over and take the animal away,” said Alex Mitchell.

Reptile rescuer Harley Jones says motorists can completely stop and remove the snake from the windshield. This is a small tree snake, non-venomous and harmless to humans.

“Their teeth are so small they can’t even pierce human skin,” he said. After hitting the windshield, I believe the snake was seriously injured.”

This is not the first time an Australian resident has discovered snakes in his car. In November 2021, on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, locals discovered an adult snake hiding in the engine of a car, it climbed inside while the vehicle stopped waiting for a traffic light.

Harley Jones advises people when they see a snake near their car to stay as far away as possible, so that the snake can keep going. Once it is in the car, it is very difficult to remove and it is best to call a professional or let it find its way out when it feels safe.

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