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Some bad habits cause scooters to break down quickly

Continuous acceleration and emergency braking

Some bad habits cause scooters to break down quickly - Photo 1.

Because some roads in big cities are often crowded during rush hour, many scooter drivers will suddenly jump on the gas pedal when the road is empty and then brake suddenly when the red light is green or the front is blocked. congestion. When using this vehicle, the owner should pay attention to stabilize the speed, use the throttle evenly and minimize emergency braking situations because not only do they damage the car, such cases are easy to cause accidents. traffic.

In addition, we should not fit the throttle and squeeze the brakes in situations of traffic jams or stop at red lights, because this will reduce the life of the brake system and make the engine prone to jerks.

Regularly use the front brake

Most drivers are right-handed, so they often squeeze the right brake when they need to make an emergency stop. However, using the front brake with a scooter will be potentially dangerous, which can lead to an accident due to the small diameter of the rim and the short damping stroke.

Therefore, when there is a situation where the vehicle needs to be stopped immediately, the driver should prioritize the left brake first and then slowly squeeze both sides of the brake. Even in some new scooter models, just using the left brake can operate both the front and rear brakes.

Use a variety of gasoline

Some bad habits cause scooters to break down quickly - Photo 2.

With the psychology of cheap gas, car owners will cause engine problems and reduced durability. Choosing the correct type of gasoline is very important because on the market today there are many types of fuel available for sale with different uses and features. For scooters, manufacturers often recommend that users fill up with A95 gasoline. Using the right type of gasoline helps the car to be less prone to breakdowns and operate more smoothly.

Fuel floats are not cleaned regularly

Most modern scooters like the SH use a gas float designed with a “leaf” filter that covers the fuel intake. This fuel float cluster is located right in the fuel tank. However, when maintaining, many car owners have overlooked this detail. That makes the filter screen stick to a lot of gasoline, after a period of use, it will clog the fuel suction pipe, damage the fuel pump. Therefore, when taking the car for maintenance, it is necessary to remind the repair team to check this part to ensure its longevity.

As soon as I started the gas, I moved right away

Many people have the usual habit of just starting the engine and driving the car right away. However, this will be very harmful to the car engine. If you perform the action of starting the engine and moving it for a long time, it will cause the machine part to make a lot of strange noises. Therefore, when using a scooter, we should start the engine, then turn the throttle slowly, do not increase the throttle too quickly, and then operate.

In particular, some new scooter models like the Yamaha Grande, when the owner only needs to turn the key to open the car, the yellow oil indicator on the electronic board will flash. During this process, the lubricating oil will be moved to the mechanical parts, so when this yellow light goes off, the car owner can still start the gas and go without fear of harming the car.

Moving at too slow a speed

Some bad habits cause scooters to break down quickly - Photo 3.

In some users, especially women, they often have a habit of riding at too slow a speed due to lack of confidence in the steering wheel. However, for scooters that use a water tank, this will cause the engine part temperature to rise and consume much more fuel.

Therefore, the driver should go at an average speed of about 35-40km/h depending on the allowable safety level of traffic conditions. Operating the car a little faster will make the air cooler for the tank more cool as well as use less fuel.

Do not take the car for regular maintenance

Like many other vehicles, each part on the scooter needs periodic maintenance and care after several months of use. However, some owners often forget this, not paying attention to the distance traveled on the speedometer to maintain the car on time. Meanwhile, it is the periodic care and maintenance that is one of the important factors that determine the durability, smooth operation and prolongation of life.

For newly purchased car models, the free periodic maintenance schedule is called by dealer staff to remind consumers. After the expiration of this period, owners should note the time to bring the car in for maintenance (about every six months) to limit mechanical damage and spend a lot of money on repairs.

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