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The author of ‘Underground Storm’ should not blame the low-level audience

Calling ‘you – me’ is normal in life?

That is the assessment of quite a few readers, for example readers leave phone number ***8743. “The superiors call their subordinates “guys”, calling them “you – me” is also normal in real life, both close and dear. Falling in love and drinking is also normal, shouldn’t be painted pink. character building is not real. However, the film has many absurdities, stretches, and stretches that are real.. The character lines have not been built yet, the dialogue, the actor’s expressions such as plays prove that the scriptwriter and The director is still young, hasn’t arrived yet”.

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People’s Artist Tran Nhuong in the movie Underground Storm.

Sharing the same opinion, reader Tran Duc Hien commented: “Actually, calling him ‘he – it’ or ‘you – me’ is a very common and very common thing. So are the police! This is not a problem. Political or professional bravery is not even a moral category.

Doan Anh’s friend said: “Thought to criticize anything but criticize the way of calling ‘you – me’, I believe that anyone who criticizes this point actually does not understand the military environment in general and also does not understand how to address it, although it is a social life but social intimacy. It is this detail that is real. When I was at work, I often ‘you – me’ with colleagues of the same age and younger, it doesn’t matter.”

Reader Thanh Thien analyzed: “Making a film on the topic of police and police is both difficult and sensitive. There are sensitive issues that the director cannot put on the film and cannot be logical at all. People decry. 2 hotels: the way of addressing ‘you – me’ and the personal feelings of 3 young scouts Trieu, Lam, Yen.Please tell me that even in a highly educated and intellectual environment, the way of calling ‘you – me’ is very normal, very life, except in meetings. As for the love triangle of the 3 young scouts, they are also human with good and bad in people like everyone else. So we should recognize the efforts and efforts of the filmmakers. And the flaws of the film, the director must also learn from experience to make the next films more perfect.”

The crew needs to listen, absorb, don’t blame the low-level audience

Completely contrary to the opinions mentioned above, many readers affirmed that the rude “you – me” … rarely seen in high-ranking police leaders in the film Underground storm.

Reader Bui Toan commented with Dr. Dao Trung Hieu – screenwriter and deputy director of the film: “Hieu should ask to listen to the audience’s feedback to adjust and make the film more valuable. I am a person who has worked for more than 40 years in the public security industry, has been in contact with all generations of leaders from the grassroots and local level to senior leaders at the Ministry, but in daily work, most like I’ve never heard leaders from the provincial police level and above call their officers ‘guys’. Just that one everyday detail makes me lose my heart for this movie.” .

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Readers at *** commented: “The movie Underground storm improper pronounciation. I worked as a commander for many years, but in meetings I called him comrades, outside meetings called “you – me” or the names of subordinates. In addition, the bravery of the scouts is too weak, in foreign films they build the police’s bravery as a very strong protagonist… Finally, the director needs to listen, absorb, don’t blame it. low-level audience”.

Giving the same opinion, reader Hoang asked: “Why is the police force an armed force, with strict military orders, but officials call their subordinates ‘you – me’, this and that…? I’m a soldier, I’ve also been a commander for a few decades, I’ve never committed that taboo, so it’s very frustrating when I watch it.”

You can also list a series of “hotels” and ask many questions: “Watching a movie feels like acting. Saying that you don’t address comrades, but address them very casually, but you can’t abuse them all the time, ‘you – me’. , this guy can do that, especially in the leadership position, is the director of the provincial CA. Then every time I see Cao Thai Ha’s acting, I find it very fake and awkward because the voice doesn’t match the voice acting (by the Southerners but I don’t know why). The film’s plot doesn’t match reality, while the big drug ring was knocked down by Hai Trieu but the boss doesn’t know the identity of the drug lord. Are successful businessmen so bad?”.

Filmmakers should pray

Before the opinions of Dr. Dao Trung Hieu – screenwriter and deputy director Underground stormreader ***3324 stated: “If a movie is good, viewers will praise it, but if it’s bad, viewers will criticize it, it’s also normal! , director and actors. How about self-praise and self-praising like this, when will Vietnamese films get better?”.

Hoang LC also had the same opinion: “Victory, your wife! Any author would not praise his story or its caliber. But please listen to the criticisms of your teammates, the audience and your feelings. get theirs while watching Underground storm. I am also an officer in the People’s Police force, also experienced many jobs, many tough and challenging battles. But to be honest, the story of the movie Mr. Dao Trung Hieu wrote was really bad. Moviegoers see only negativity, betrayal, and bribery in the police industry, but they glorify feats, while police soldiers are few. Thus, it can be said that the great goal of Underground storm The author wanted to convey to the audience, unfortunately, it was not possible.

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HVTC reader Nguyen Dang Nam outlined a series of “hotels”: “In the film, some of the main characters, but the script is not right. For example, Major General Hoach is the Director of the Department, but most of the direction is based on the direction. On the proposal of Colonel Ha, or Captain Hai Trieu has a hot temper and can’t think of any good plans, and the villains from boss to me are too naive, easily led by the police. .. Not to mention some details such as the second lieutenant shoots the gun with her right hand and looks at her left eye; the policeman plays 2 roles but the disguise is easy to recognize offensive faces. , need to listen, market to make better movies. A good film must first have a good script, reflecting social reality, then a good actor, skilled cinematographer…”.

Underground storm Continuing to broadcast means that the production crew still has to face praise and criticism. The drama is approaching its final stage, which is expected to end in episode 78.

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