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The best 5-year-old used car worth buying in 2022

Recently, Consumer Reports magazine has announced a series of used cars worth buying in the US even after 5 years of use. These are all versions of 2017, sorted by segment, but only a total of 8 models appear in the 8 most notable segments.

In this list, it is noteworthy that there are 7 Japanese models and only 1 car of American origin. In addition, the brands are evenly distributed, with only Toyota and Nissan outperforming when there are more luxury car brands Lexus and Infiniti.

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List of the best 5 year old used car models for 2022.

To select this list, Consumer Reports has focused on finding models with many active safety features fitted to the vehicle, such as forward collision warning (FCW), emergency braking. automatic (AEB) and blind spot warning (BSW).

In addition, this magazine also points out the factors consumers need to pay attention to when buying a used car, besides price, which are: Fuel economy, reliability score and satisfaction score (supply) issued by prestigious magazines), along with a safety system equipped on the vehicle.

However, in the current era of car scarcity, it is not only difficult for consumers to find a satisfactory new car model that is not overpriced, but even with old cars, the number of choices is also affected. now also less than before; At the same time, rising fuel prices as well as more expensive spare parts need to be considered.

In addition to selecting 8 5-year-old used car models for 8 segments, Consumer Reports also published a list of the most reliable car brands after 5 years of use, by calculating the average reliability score of the models in this category. 2017 life of that brand.

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Ranking the best 5-year-old car brands for 2022.

At the top of the brand ranking is Lexus, with 91 points, significantly outperforming the following models. Next is the popular car company Toyota with a total of 12 models in 2017. In the top 10, brands from Japan dominate with 6, the US and Germany have 2 brands, while the brand name luxury cars are also balanced with popular cars with the same amount of 5.

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