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The house feng shui makes family members always tired, sick, and fortune stops

More and more people are starting to care Feng Shui of the House. Because people understand that the influence of cannot be ignored Feng Shui of the house to the wealth of the occupants.

Let’s see Feng Shui of the “sick” house.

Many people prefer houses with a larger area, the more superficial and spacious such houses are, the more comfortable they are.

However, according to Feng Shui, it is best not to choose a house that is too large for a small family, otherwise it will cause the phenomenon of “swallowing house”. People are the center of the house, if the house is too large, the human spirit will also be blurred. In Feng Shui is unlucky.

The house feng shui makes family members always tired, sick, and fortunes stop - Photo 1.

Follow Feng Shui, the room is just right, cozy enough “human spirit”. Illustration Pixabay

The size of the best house is determined by the number of people living, if the house is large but few people, the house will absorb energy from people.

Simply put, the house is large and spacious, with few people, the air is thin, causing a feeling of cold and emptiness, affecting the human spirit.

Over a long period of time, the physical health of the occupants will decrease, and minor illnesses will continue, if ignored, it will easily lead to dangerous diseases, and at the same time not beneficial to the family’s fortune, career is also unlucky.

2. Feng Shui House with blocked pipes in the house

Indoor pipes are as important as blood vessels in the human body. If the pipes in the house are not blocked, people’s fortunes will be smooth.

The house feng shui makes family members always tired, sick, and fortune stalls - Photo 2.

Follow Feng Shui, housing needs a lot of light, ventilation, no clogged drains. Illustration Gardeningect

Blocked pipes in the house not only cause inconvenience in life, but also lead to circulatory, respiratory and digestive systems of the people living in them gradually occurring.

For example, high blood pressure, cerebral embolism, bronchitis, asthma and other diseases caused by blockage of blood vessels are all elevated.

3. Feng Shui The house has a door opposite the bedroom door

In Feng Shuiif the entrance door (main door) is facing the bedroom, it will lead to a problem of conflict Feng Shui This will affect the health and emotional well-being of the family.

In Feng Shui, the door is the place to go out and absorb Qi, which will affect the quality of people’s sleep. And from insomnia, lack of energy will lead to problems with nervous system dysfunction, memory impairment.

4. Feng Shui The house has beams placed on the bedroom, the kitchen

In Feng Shui, a bed that has beams and horizontal beams on top is considered a blackout, a major demographic loss. Therefore, if the headboard has a pressed crossbar, it will completely cause harm to the health of the people below.

The house feng shui makes family members always tired, sick, and fortune stalls - Photo 3.

Follow Feng Shui, the bedroom needs to be bright, airy and without cross-beams. Illustration Pixbay

If the beam crosses over the head of the bed, it will give you a headache and your temperament will also become dry.

Similarly, placing horizontal beams in the kitchen and office is the same.

The horizontal beam is placed over the dining table or the kitchen, causing it to prevent the luck of family members, causing a feeling of inhibition and discomfort for the cook, and at the same time, making the homeowner often stuck. in matters of money and finance.

The horizontal beam placed above the desk or study corner will make the person sitting below feel stagnant, unfocused, lack of creativity, dull mind.

In short, rafters (cross beams) will have a greater influence on people’s spirits, causing a feeling of oppression. The long-term pressure of being pressed by the crossbar on the head causes health to decline, career is suppressed everywhere, fortune cannot be promoted.

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