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The reason why martial arts Donnie Yen is opposed to playing the hero Kieu Phong

Recently, the Chinese media reported that the movie Heavenly dragon eight sets: Tales of Kieu Phong is in the implementation phase. Currently, the film’s poster has been released and attracts attention with many mysterious features.

In the poster, Kieu Phong wears a red robe, standing alone in the midst of many assassin armies around. He is lonely and brave with a proud posture.

The reason why martial arts Donnie Yen was opposed to playing the hero Kieu Phong - Photo 1.

Poster for the movie Thien Long Eight: Tales of Kieu Phong.

According to Sohu, the film has the participation of Donnie Yen plays the main character Kieu Phong, with a budget of about 200 million yuan (about 700 billion dong). The actor confided to the media, he hesitated for a long time before accepting the invitation to participate in this project. However, due to respecting director Vuong Tinh, he agreed.

The plot of the new movie is reshaped and the unique perspective is completely different from other previous film and television versions of “Thien Long Bat Bo”. Donnie Yen wishes to create the strongest Kieu Phong ever.

Although it is not known how Donnie Yen will portray the character Kieu Phong in the new work, the actor’s name is helping Thien Long Eight Series: Kieu Phong’s Tales become the most noticed and awaited project in Chinese showbiz.

According to Sina, with her skillful martial arts ability, Donnie Yen’s Kieu Phong will definitely bring eye-catching frames with standard martial arts scenes, perform martial arts moves and fight fluently and vividly.

The reason why martial arts Donnie Yen is opposed to playing the hero Kieu Phong - Photo 2.

Donnie Yen is criticized for being old compared to the role of Kieu Phong.

However, the martial arts star is worried about the look. Donnie Yen himself, for nearly 40 years of pursuing an acting career, rarely acts in historical films because the image is not suitable. Therefore, in his acting career, he rarely plays the historical genre.

Recently, on many film forums, a stream of opinions appeared against Donnie Yen who was opposed to playing the role of Kieu Phong. Actor Donnie Yen is criticized for being old, his face lacks courage and strength, and his appearance is not tall enough to take on the role of the great hero in the martial arts novel Kim Dung. Donnie Yen is 59 years old. In the original, young Kieu Phong died at the age of 33. He is described as a majestic figure, thick eyebrows, high nose, wide mouth.

According to Sohu, Donnie Yen has a risky move as Kieu Phong. The site believes that talent is important, but to show talent, you must first choose the right role and have the right shape. In the first two steps, the martial arts star did not show convincing.

Before that, the face lacked softness and the “old won’t come” image made Donnie Yen commented that “more evil than good” when playing the role of Truong Tam Phong in Ỷ heaven map of dragons in 2022. The audience judged that he lacked. The spirit of the Wudang sect master, has more martial arts qualities than people, is calm with life, does not care about fame or profit or position.

The reason why martial arts Donnie Yen is opposed to playing the hero Kieu Phong - Photo 3.

Donnie Yen plays Truong Tam Phong.

In 2011, Donnie Yen was strongly opposed when accepting the role of Quan Vu in the movie Quan Van Truong. The actor impresses with his ability to use a knife beautifully and skillfully. However, his image did not satisfy the public.

The actor was criticized for his lack of mettle and short appearance when he played the talented general of the Thuc Han Dynasty. Before the negative reaction of public opinion, the producer explained that Quan Van Truong depicted Quan Cong in a normal life, without a red face, a long beard, wearing armor and holding a knife as in the imagination of people.

The reason why martial arts Donnie Yen is opposed to playing the hero Kieu Phong - Photo 4.

Donnie Yen plays Quan Van Truong.

Donnie Yen was born in 1963, famous on screen through martial arts roles in many films such as Wing Chun, Tan Duong Son Dai Brother, Seven Swords, Sa Pa Lang, Hoa Bi, Ip Man… He is one of the top martial arts stars in Asia and Hollywood.

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