The unfulfilled wish of singer Bao Yen for the late brother-in-law Le Huu Ha

Coming from a family with a musical tradition in Hue, singer Bao Yen was trained and mentored by her father – artist Thuy Trieu from a young age. She and her younger sister Nha Phuong became the most popular golden duet in the 1980s, a prominent phenomenon in the Vietnamese music industry. They contributed to completely changing the quiet atmosphere of the Vietnamese music market at that time. After the music night of Duong Thu became a phenomenon, the two names Bao Yen – Nha Phuong became indispensable on stages and television stations.

Together in a brilliantly successful career, the two sisters have different love lines. If Bao Yen’s sister and her husband – musician Quoc Dung have been together for nearly 40 years on the marriage journey, Nha Phuong’s sister is not lucky in love.

The unfulfilled wish of singer Bao Yen for the late brother-in-law Le Huu Ha - 1

Sisters Bao Yen – Nha Phuong used to be a phenomenon of Vietnamese music.

The love story of singer Nha Phuong and the late musician Le Huu Ha used to make noise in all newspapers. After 23 years of being together, they divorced in 2002 and Le Huu Ha died shortly after due to a cerebrovascular accident. His death left many reputations for Nha Phuong, causing her to be blamed and even insulted. In order to protect her sister, singer Bao Yen spoke up, saying that musician Le Huu Ha was too jealous and controlling, having abused his wife many times, making life suffocating to the point of difficulty breathing. During 23 years of working together, Nha Phuong many times wanted a divorce but still endured.

In an interview many years ago, Bao Yen once confided that she knew her brother-in-law because she loved Nha Phuong too much, so she was jealous despite it. The female singer said that musician Le Huu Ha should choose a wife as a teacher who would be more suitable for his personality.

“With Mr. Ha’s way of life, he should have chosen a teacher as his wife, because she will stay at home as he wants. In this way, Mr. Ha chooses an artist and then coerces, how can other people stand it? . He is authoritarian when he thinks that a man should listen to what a man says to his wife. I think that if two people get married, they should break up immediately, don’t have two children before getting a divorce.” Bao Yen said.

The unfulfilled wish of singer Bao Yen for the late brother-in-law Le Huu Ha - 2

Nha Phuong and her late husband – musician Le Huu Ha.

Even so, Bao Yen always respects her late brother-in-law. In the program Once upon a time, She once revealed that her wish was to stand on the same stage with her brother-in-law, but it did not come true. The female singer always wishes to have the opportunity to share the stage with family members, including singer Nha Phuong and musicians Quoc Dung, Le Huu Ha, and Kim Tuan.

“I just wish to stand on stage with everyone in my family once. Standing with Mr. Quoc Dung has been many times, but I want to stand on stage with Mr. Ha once. However, one wish. This can’t be true because he passed away at the age of 57.” she confided.

The unfulfilled wish of singer Bao Yen for the late brother-in-law Le Huu Ha - 3

Singer Bao Yen wanted to once stand on the same stage with his brother-in-law but failed.

As for Nha Phuong, after suffering many injuries and gossip after the sudden departure of her ex-husband, the female singer increasingly limited her appearance in the media. Only later, she remarried to an American man named David and settled in the United States. Since then, the audience has hardly seen Nha Phuong – who once reigned at the top of the Vietnamese music industry – appear on stage.

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