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Viet Huong is upset by the saying that ‘daughter is father’s previous life lover’

TPO – The female artist expressed her frustration at the controversial sentence on social networks: “The ungodly sentence forms a thought that loses the sanctity of fatherhood.”

Recently, the saying “Daughter is father’s previous life lover” is becoming a hotly controversial topic on social networks. Many people condemn and think that this statement is offensive, deviant, and contrary to morality.

The source of this debate comes from actor Cao Thai Ha’s statement in an old talk show from last year. The actress said: “I have a terrible bond with my father. On the day when Ha’s father was about to die, Ha held his father’s hand and said: ‘Dad, maybe in a previous life, I was lovers, but surely. love is also very fierce, love is also suicide up and down, that’s why we love each other like this in this life, so in the next life we ​​will continue to love each other have more children, let’s be husband and wife, let their love be more sublimated”.

Viet Huong is upset by the saying

Cao Thai Ha

This sharing made the online community “stoned” violently, Cao Thai Ha had to apologize to the audience for causing unfortunate misunderstandings.

At the same time, businessman Thang Ngo – the newlywed husband of singer Ha Thanh Xuan also received mixed opinions because he posted a picture of his wife with the status line “Daughter in a previous life”.

A few hours ago on her personal page, Viet Huong expressed her frustration at the sentence that caused a “wave” on social networks. Along with that, she shared a family photo.

Viet Huong is upset by the saying

Artist Viet Huong is upset by the saying “daughter is father’s lover in previous life”

The female artist clearly stated her point of view: “You are the person I was born, raised as a person, then became a family member, why do you say ‘a lover in a previous life’? The ungodly sentence establishes a thought that has lost the sanctity of the artist. fatherly love. Bored”, Viet Huong write.

To avoid causing misunderstandings and controversies, the actress House not for sale clearly: “Don’t say any personal, say all the people who say that, don’t make fun of anyone. Anyone who doesn’t like me, get angry.”

Viet Huong is annoyed by the saying

Viet Huong’s point of view received the agreement of a large number of netizens. “I also agree with you. Whenever I hear someone say this, I feel uncomfortable hearing something wrong”, “I agree with Viet Huong. I was born in the womb of my parents with broken blood, raised and raised, and it is absurd to say that I am my father’s lover in my previous life”, “I agree with you. Father is father, I am son. No matter how much you love, you can’t be compared to a ‘past life lover’. It sounds very ungrateful and offensive.”

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