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“Vietnamese pizza” becomes a favorite at Thai food market

One of the snacks that is loved by young Vietnamese people and is also very popular in the land of the Golden Temple is grilled rice paper.

In recent years, this dish has become familiar in night markets and food markets in Thailand, with the simple name “Vietnamese pizza”.

Vietnamese-style grilled rice paper stalls are crowded in Thailand

At the Huai Kwang night market in Bangkok, a grilled rice paper stall is quite crowded with Vietnamese-style cooking.

This is a night market located on Soi Pracha Rat Bamphen, open from 5pm to 10pm on all days of the week. The grilled rice paper counter uses both a grill and a charcoal stove. In particular, the dish uses common ingredients such as rice paper, chicken eggs, green onions, “upgraded” with fresh squid and greasy Mozzarella cheese.

This Vietnamese snack is loved by Thai people - Photo 1.

Vietnamese pizza appears at a stall in a night market in Bangkok, Thailand (Photo cut from clip).

The image from the video shows, the seller spreads the rice paper baked on the griddle of the coal stove. After pouring the beaten egg and scallions evenly on the cake, the seller will add sausages, fresh squid, minced meat and finally drizzle a sauce including chili sauce, ketchup, mayonnaise and cheese.

The dish is attractive thanks to its crispy crust, greasy cheese, fresh and sweet squid mixed with rich sauce. As a popular dish with the price of about 25-45 baht/piece (18,000 VND – 31,000 VND), the small stall attracts a lot of visitors.

This Vietnamese snack is loved by Thai people - Photo 2.

Diners wait in line to enjoy Vietnamese pizza (Photo cut from clip).

It is known that grilled rice paper has appeared in Thailand since 2018 and is popular with snack lovers here.

Not only appearing at the night market, many Thai food bloggers also share with fans how to make this dish in the “easiest” way. Also with the common name “Vietnamese pizza”, the video tutorials attract hundreds of thousands of views.

Instead of using a grill and charcoal stove, the dish can be made at home with a simpler way of processing than using a non-stick pan. Still using familiar ingredients such as rice paper, chicken eggs, scallions, cheese, Thai people also add crab sticks or sliced ​​rolls or shredded chicken to make the cake fuller.

Many comments said that they have tried and found that the way to make “Vietnamese pizza” is faster than traditional pizzas, but the taste is very special.

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