Violence case at international school: Stirring up the clip 1 vs 4 extreme battle

The 20-second clip recorded the blue-shirted female student rushing to grab the green-shirted student’s hair; The green-shirted female student counterattacked and the two sides fought fiercely.

This time, netizens are focusing their attention on the female singer incident Thuy Bi (real name Tran Ha Thuy, SN 1986) “accused” her daughter was brutally beaten by a classmate while studying at the International School of Ho Chi Minh City (ISHCMC-AA) in An Phu, Thu Duc City.

According to the singer, last week, her son and his friends at school participated in a picnic at Ho Tram. The singer’s daughter recounted that because she was holding a chair for her friend, she was temporarily called A. by a female student who came over and asked: “Has anyone sat on this chair yet?”. Her daughter replied: “Yes, sister, my friend is already sitting.”

Violence at international school: Stirring clip 1 vs 4-1
Singer Thuy Bi was upset when her daughter was brutally assaulted by her classmates at school

Everything was very simple, but on May 26, her daughter was beaten up by a student at the same school, punched in the chest right on campus. Ms. Thuy said the teacher witnessed the incident but no one intervened.

Regarding the above incident, after calling for help from witnesses present at the scene to provide evidence as well as clips and photos recorded as evidence, Ms. Tran Ha Thuy said she had in hand. Value clip series.

Recently, Thuy Bi also shared a clip of a group of students fighting in front of the school gate.

“Let Bi translate for the clip as follows: Green shirt (Kim name – Taekwondo black belt) grabbed your blue shirt (wearing glasses) by hair, then you and the guards around took it off.

The friend in the green shirt on the side of the road saw this and got into a fight too… You’re so good! 1 vs 4 and then yelling about being physically affected, then defending himself…

Here, the online community helps me objectively… At the age of eating, going to school, going to school is supposed to be a human being, why are you thugs, aggressive, treating heaven like this?”.

Immediately, the clip received many comments from netizens. However, recently, on MXH, a clip that is said to record the previous collision scene of the above girl group appeared on social media.

The clip is about 20 seconds long, capturing the moment a female student in a blue shirt rushes to grab her hair schoolgirl green shirt, then the green shirt girl reacted, the two sides fought each other. Witnessing the incident, a man wearing a white shirt ran to intervene but failed.

The clip is said to record the previous collision scene of the group of girls. Social media source

After watching this clip, many people “turned the car” to doubt the “accusation” of female singer Thuy Bi before, because Thuy Bi said her son and 3 other students were beaten, but in this clip, only 1 hit 1.

Immediately, netizens left a clip from Thuy Bi’s livestream saying that there was a fight clip, but there was no child in it, at that time she took her home, her child was beaten in school before.

Thuy Bi said that the person who was beaten in the clip she shared was her nephew and her child was beaten before. From Thuy Bi’s Livestream

Currently, who is right and who is wrong, the situation is not clear, but all relevant information is attracting great attention from the public.

Netizen hopes that the authorities will soon intervene and clarify and the school side has a suitable, unbiased, cover-up approach.

According to Vietnamnet

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