Vu Thu Phuong burst into tears when recalling the past of being harassed by Hollywood ‘boss’

More than a decade ago, Vu Thu Phuong was not only a famous supermodel of the village fashion Vietnam but also a promising actor, with the dream of reaching the international level. However, a big event happened that made Vu Thu Phuong’s dream of world cinema disappear.

Appear in the show Autobiographical Words Recently, Vu Thu Phuong couldn’t hold back her emotions when she mentioned the moment that she considered the darkest in her career. In 2008, Vu Thu Phuong received an invitation from Weinstein Film Company for a role in the film Shanghai directed by Mikael Hastrom, with the participation of such big stars as Gong Li, Chow Yun Fat, John Cusack, Ken Watanabe…

She confided: ”I am a person who has always set very high goals in my career. I always thought that I would reach out to the world, firstly to challenge myself, secondly, to be proud to call two Vietnamese in the international arena. So when I received this contract, I was extremely happy and excited. Because in addition to acting, I am also positioned to become the new Asian star. During the filming days in Thailand, I was loved and cared for like a star by everyone. However, when I went to the US, I was extremely disappointed.

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Vu Thu Phuong choked when remembering terrible memories in her career.

Before the movie premiere, Mr. Harvey Weinstein – the founder of the Weinstein Company – invited me into the room. Mr. Havey then just put on a towel and gave me the suggestion: ‘If you really go into Hollywood now, I’m going to have to teach you to do sex scenes’. It was a terrible shock to me at the time. I immediately ran to my room and sobbed. All my expectations were completely shattered.

Being a fairly rational person, I am sure this is not the first and only time if I agree. Moreover, with the moral values ​​of the family that I was taught, I cannot accept it. Although I love cinema, the price for this playground is too expensive for me to pay. The next day, I decided to choose the earliest flight and return to Vietnam.” Vu Thu Phuong recounted.

The fact that Vu Thu Phuong gave up her international role and returned to her home country made the audience wonder. Before many discussions, Vu Thu Phuong just chose to be silent. This is also the suffering that the female supermodel has hidden for 9 years. She said that she couldn’t tell the story because the audience might think that she made excuses or lacked in talent. It wasn’t until 2017, when Harvey Weinstein got caught in a legal round, ruined his career because he was accused by many women of “harassment”, Vu Thu Phuong was able to speak up to justify herself and answer all questions with general public.

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5 years ago, Vu Thu Phuong posted a photo with Gong Loi and Harvey Weinsteinn while playing “Shanghai” in a post about being harassed.

At the peak of her career, Vu Thu Phuong admitted that she had received many offers to exchange, and arranged temptations. However, the female supermodel is always proud of being born and raised in an intellectual family, receiving a good education from her parents.

At first, she was not supported by her father because she was worried that her daughter would encounter the temptations of showbiz. But after many years of working in the profession, Vu Thu Phuong has proven her bravery in the world when she always works in art in the “cleanest” way.

In addition, Vu Thu Phuong also considers herself a self-respecting and loving person. The fact that models and actresses are often associated with many bad stereotypes makes her more and more motivated to protect the image of the profession as well as her own integrity. She thinks: “Whatever you do must be fair and righteous so as not to be ashamed of your conscience”.

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