What disease warning voice change?

Ms. Nguyen Thi Hieu – Thai Binh City shared that during the past 3 years, she was always in a state of hoarseness, sometimes having difficulty speaking, losing her breath, and even losing her voice. Ms. Hieu sells online, so she often has to talk. However, her hoarse voice made it difficult for her to speak, so she had to hire someone to sell.

Mai Thi Phuong, Ha Dong, Hanoi also suffer from hoarseness. She read on the internet that hoarseness is a sign of laryngeal cancer. Phuong went to the doctor to check and said that she had laryngeal fibroids. Phuong’s life was affected, even teaching her children could not speak loudly, always whispering. Many times, Ms. Phuong repressed wanting to raise her voice with her children had to endure.

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Image of laryngeal fibrous granules.

Mr. Bui Duc – Thuong Tin, Hanoi came to the National Hospital of Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital because of prolonged hoarseness. Before that, Mr. Duc had an endoscopy at a clinic, the doctor found that there were ulcers on the vocal cords, suspected of laryngeal cancer, so he referred Mr. Duc to an upper level for examination.

As a result, the doctor’s biopsy showed that he had laryngeal cancer. Caused by drinking and smoking habits. Mr. Duc is only 43 years old, his main job is to sell construction materials. When the surgery was over, he was at risk of being unable to speak or having a loud voice that worried him.

According to Associate Professor Nguyen Thi Hoai An, Director of An Viet General Hospital, many people still think that their voice is hoarse because they talk a lot, speak loudly, or just because of the flu. can be infected, and just need to rest, eat properly, or take medicine for a few days, it will be cured. Perhaps that is why many cases of hoarseness due to dangerous diseases have been overlooked.

Dr An said hoarseness is an abnormal change in your voice with common symptoms of dry, itchy throat. When you have hoarseness, your voice will not be clear and smooth as usual, but the sound you emit will be weak, sound bare and small.

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Associate Professor An advises patients.

Hoarseness is a manifestation of many diseases such as laryngitis, vocal cord nodules, laryngeal polyps, even laryngeal cancer.

Laryngitis: often causes laryngeal edema, hoarseness, and loss of voice. If acute laryngitis is properly treated, the disease will heal quickly. If laryngitis is chronic, hoarseness is often prolonged and easy to recur.

Vocal cord fibroids or vocal cord fibroids are small fibrous granules on either side of the vocal cords. They are usually broad-legged, halfway between the vocal cords, similar in size, and often grow symmetrically.

This vocal cord disease often occurs in professions that require a lot of voice use with great frequency and intensity, especially singers, teachers, presenters, salesmen….

Laryngeal polyps are small growths on the upper surface or medial margin of the vocal cords, which are benign lesions. Although not dangerous to the patient’s life, it affects the voice, making it difficult to communicate with people.

Laryngeal cancer is the most dangerous disease warning from hoarseness. Associate Professor An said that patients often experience hoarseness for a long time, then dry cough, may cough up blood, and lose weight. Laryngeal cancer can develop in any part of the larynx.

When laryngeal cancer metastasizes, the cancer cells often invade nearby lymph nodes in the neck. Cancer cells can invade the back of the tongue, other parts of the throat and neck, and the lungs and other parts of the body.

When you have hoarseness, Dr. An recommends that you limit talking and shouting a lot during hoarseness. Drink lots of warm water. Avoid caffeine and alcohol, as they can dry out your throat. Limit smoking because tobacco can irritate your throat.

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