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Young director Linh Dan’s “knife throwing board” was invited to Cannes Film Festival 2022

La Fabrique selected 10 potential film projects that are in the script development stage of directors making their first or second films and invited them to the Cannes Film Festival to attend to create conditions and support young directors with opportunity to meet filmmakers, major film festivals, consultants and especially potential investors for the project.

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The director of the movie “Knife Thrower” and young directors attended the Cannes Film Festival 2022. Photo: NVCC.

Founded in 2009, La Fabrique’s selection committee each year consists of screenwriters, directors, editors, advisors, Film Festival curators and members of prestigious Cinema and Cultural associations. credit in France selected 10 best developing film projects to participate in the program.

La Fabrique is an activity regularly organized by the French Institute and Cinema Du Monde every two weeks during the two weeks of the Cannes Film Festival with selected and potential projects from Africa, Latin America, and Asia. , Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Semaine De La Critique (The category of film critics’ awards usually focuses on young directors for the first two films) of the Cannes Film Festival 2022 has just announced this year’s Grand Prix is ​​La Jauría, by the Mexican director. Andres Ramirez Lulido, is one of the projects invited to La Fabric 2018.

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Linh Dan hopes to learn and be energized when coming to La Fabrique project at Cannes Film Festival. Photo: NVCC.

This year, the film project “Knife throwing board” (English name is “If wood could cry, it could cry blood”) by young female director Nguyen Phan Linh Dan is the only project from Southeast Asia invited to participate. attend La Fabrique. The remaining films are projects from Mexico, Nepal, Ukraine, India, Egypt and some African countries…

Within the framework of the program, Linh Dan and the directors of this year’s La Fabrique have met and worked directly with curators of leading film festivals in the world, including Artistic Director Christian Jeune of the world’s leading film festivals. Cannes Film Festival, Eva Cahen, Head of the Curatorial Board of Semaine de la Critic, representatives of the Venice, Rotterdam film festivals…

In addition, she was also introduced in specialized film magazines such as Screen International, was officially read the name of the director and her country until walking on the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival. The most important thing is to meet a lot of potential co-producers from many countries around the world, especially France and Europe.

Linh Dan hopes “Knife Throwing Board” will find many opportunities at Cannes Film Festival 2022

“Knife Throwing Board” is Linh Dan’s first independent film project based on the novel of the same name by writer Mac Can. Before attending La Fabrique at the Cannes Film Festival, the project received the Arte Kino Award for a developing film project at APM of the Busan Film Festival at the end of 2021 and was invited to attend the South East Asian Film Lab of the Singapore International Film Festival.

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Linh Dan gives an interview to RFI radio on the beach of Cannes. Photo: NVCC

Currently, Linh Dan is the Director of Photography (DOP) for movies, and is a rare woman to have this role in Vietnam. This is an area that requires both an artistic eye and technical knowledge to direct a crew of cameras, equipment and lighting. This is also a “domain” where only men work, so it’s really not an easy job for a young girl.

Linh Dan has just finished filming for the project “Girl from the past” with the participation of two famous actresses Lan Ngoc and Kaity Nguyen and director duo Bao Nhan – Nam Cito right before the journey to attend. Her Cannes.

From Cannes, Linh Dan shared: “After more than 2 years of Covid-19, having the opportunity to attend the activities of this Cannes Film Festival with young filmmakers from many different countries is an opportunity. It’s rare for Linh Dan to learn and gain more energy and valuable experience to develop the project better.

The process of making independent films and going to film festivals to raise capital and find partners for a project is a long and difficult but also very interesting process. Because through these trips, Linh Dan gets to do what she likes and gets to know many brothers and sisters in the profession, sharing the same passion… making her more steadfast in her chosen path.

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Linh Dan wishes to be able to develop the best project and call for enough investment capital to be able to implement the project as soon as possible. Linh Dan is still in contact with writer Mac Can and she hopes that Linh Dan can launch the project soon so that she can watch the movie about her life. Linh Dan is trying her best to implement the project.”

The 75th Cannes Film Festival this year took place on May 17. This is the most remarkable movie event of the year with the participation of actors, directors and filmmakers from all over the world. This year is also the first year to be held normally after a year of cancellation and a year of limited organization because of Covid-19. The closing ceremony will take place tomorrow, May 28.

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