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3 bad eating habits that make pregnant women obese but the fetus is still less intelligent

During that time pregnant, I don’t understand why Tieu Du (living in China) especially likes to eat fried food. But obviously before getting pregnant, she was very afraid of these greasy dishes. Because of craving, Tieu Du has to eat at least a few pieces of fried chicken, french fries every day, then cakes like fried bananas, etc.

Although she knew that it would not be good for a pregnant woman to eat a lot of fried food, but because Tieu Du looked so delicious, the whole family did not interfere. Just like that, the weight gain of this pregnant mother is dizzyingly fast, the body is like a ball that is getting rounder and rounder.

At 6 months pregnant, the doctor was extremely worried and advised that Tieu Du should control her diet to avoid gaining too much weight too quickly. Otherwise, you will have gestational diabetes, high blood pressure leading to a lack of oxygen in the fetus, which affects the development of the brain. Hearing that, Tieu Du was really worried about her son, so she tried to control her cravings for snacks. However, every few days, she could not bear to “release the door” once.

3 bad eating habits make pregnant mothers obese but the fetus is still less intelligent - 1

Since being pregnant, Tieu Du is extremely fond of fried and greasy foods, so her weight has increased a lot (Artwork).

According to doctors, during pregnancy, pregnant women cannot eat “freely” to satisfy their cravings. On the contrary, pregnant women need to follow a scientific diet, especially, not allowed to touch some dishes that can affect the brain development of the fetus such as:

1. Food with a lot of spices

Foods that are seasoned with too many spices such as sugar, salt, monosodium glutamate (main noodles) … will contain a lot of nitrate, benzopyrene, sodium glutamate. These substances, when entering the pregnant mother’s body, will affect the body’s absorption of other trace elements such as calcium, magnesium, etc., making the fetus not receive enough nutrients, thereby underdevelopment of the whole body. mind and matter.

Not to mention, dishes that are too sour or too spicy also cause the pH in the blood to be lowered, which affects the absorption of nutrients, which negatively affects the development of the fetus.

2. Fried foods with a lot of fat

3 bad eating habits make pregnant women obese but the fetus is still less intelligent - 3

Pregnant women should not eat a lot of spicy, processed, or sweet foods because it will affect the brain development of the fetus (Artwork).

Although the aroma of fried foods is always attractive to pregnant women, it does not mean that women will eat it often. Because to be able to make the dish “smell up”, the processor often has to add a lot of spices to create the scent. Not only that, fried foods are also high in calories. If pregnant women eat too much, they will gain weight uncontrollably, leading to gestational hypertension, high blood lipids, pre-eclampsia, etc. It also increases the risk of brain retardation in the fetus.

3. Assorted sweets

Confectionery, milk tea, soft drinks, chocolate, … are very attractive snacks for pregnant women. Especially every time I’m tired, in a bad mood, just sip some candy, drink 1 cup of milk tea… and the pregnant mother feels comfortable right away.

However, pregnant women eating too many sweets will increase the risk of diabetes, and will also affect the development of the hypothalamus of the fetal brain, leading to birth defects.

In addition to the three foods mentioned above that should not be eaten a lot, pregnant women should not stay up late, stay away from chemicals, do not smoke, drink alcohol during pregnancy because these are all factors that slow down the fetal brain. develop.

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