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Amber Heard mocked as a liar

Many young fans of Johnny Depp constantly criticize the actress as a liar.

Follow Daily MailJohnny Depp’s young fans are running a smear campaign Amber Heard. There are more than thousands of videos describing the actor’s ex-wife Pirates of the Caribbean is a liar appearing on social networks.

Even children as young as 10 years old have joined the campaign to boycott Amber Heard. Clips related to the defamation trial over the past 6 weeks have garnered billions of views.

Videos with the hashtag #JusticeForJohnny accuse Amber Heard of being a liar, deliberately pretending to be distressed in court. This is in an effort to clear domestic abuse allegations against Johnny Depp.

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Many young fans support Johnny Depp. Photo: AP.

In addition to being tagged with mocking videos, clips of Amber Heard crying in court are often tagged with lyrics Devil Woman by Cliff Richard.

Meanwhile, Johnny Depp is described as a lovable hero thanks to his appearances in children’s films such as Charlie And The Chocolate Factory and Alice In Wonderland.

The actor at the same time attracted the sympathy of the audience, especially young people when always showing the image of an exemplary father with two children.

On Friday, Amber Heard told a Fairfax, Virginia courthouse that she is experiencing unrelenting suffering in the face of Internet bullies. She even said she and her daughter were threatened with death.

“Someone asked to put my daughter in the microwave,” Heard said.

Previously, the TikTok team was moving to delete posts about Amber Heard in Fairfax court, especially a video mocking the actress’s description of being abused and sexually assaulted.

According to TikTok reps, they remove videos related to Johnny Depp and Amber Heard in Fairfax Court, USA for violating community standards and anti-bullying policies, including content that disparages victims of violence.

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Amber Heard is losing ground in court. Photo: AP.

“We remove videos that show signs of abuse, including threats or demeaning statements intended to ridicule, humiliate, threaten to embarrass and hurt individuals.” TikTok representative told Variety.

TikTok’s decision comes amid the emergence of numerous videos insulting Amber Heard. The hashtag #amberturd mocking the actress defecating in Johnny Depp’s bed has more than 1.2 billion views.

The videos re-enact Amber Heard’s testimony in the mocking manner of an account viewed at least 10 million times. This number is constantly increasing.

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