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Being fined 25 billion dong for breaking the law, ‘The First Lady of Beijing’ publicly apologized

On May 28, the Chinese press simultaneously reported on the case Scenery administrative fines for violating advertising laws.

Accordingly, the Guangzhou City Market Supervision Bureau (Guangdong Province, China) has issued a decision to administratively sanction actress Canh Diem for participating in illegal advertising activities. The total amount that Jing Tian had to pay was 7.2212 million yuan (VND 25 billion), including illegal income and 4,6422 million yuan in fines (VND 16 billion).

Fined 25 billion dong for breaking the law,

Canh Diem was fined 25 billion VND for violating the advertising law.

Information on the website of the Guangzhou Municipal Market Supervision Bureau said that by the end of 2021, the authorities suspected that “Beijing First Lady” violated the provisions of the Advertising Law when signing a contract to work. representative of a medical technology company in Guangzhou.

Through investigation, Canh Diem was invited to advertise a product “fruits and vegetables” produced by the aforementioned company, which is said to have the effect of preventing the absorption of sugar and fat. However, in fact, the above product has not had any endorsement of the above use.

Immediately after the sanctioning decision was announced, Canh Diem posted an apology letter on his social media account. In it, the beauty “Tu Dang” confirmed to accept the punishment from the market supervision agency and had paid the fine in full. Canh Diem also pledged to be more careful to never make the same mistake in the future.

“We sincerely apologize for not fulfilling our authentication obligations during the contract signing process and having negatively affected consumers’ trust in the products. As an artistic person, I am acutely aware of the shortcomings of my work. I fully accept the sanctioning decision of the Market Supervision Department and have paid the fine right after. Going forward, I will continue to uphold the principle of being highly responsible to the majority of consumers, never promoting any such product in the future, and resolutely preventing such incidents. repeat”, quoted an apology letter from Canh Diem.

Fined 25 billion dong for breaking the law,

Canh Diem apologized and confirmed that he had paid the fine.

Jing Tian (SN 1988) is a famous Chinese actress. She comes from Beijing Film Academy, and started joining C-biz in 2006.

Possessing a beautiful and beautiful appearance, being praised as “The First Lady of Beijing”, Canh Diem has many opportunities in her career, participating in big projects in both China and Hollywood such as “Miss Owner” my beautiful, Warring States, Special Identity, Police Story 2013, The Wind in Macau, The Great Wall of Death, Kong: Skull Island… However, most of the films that have her in it. If it doesn’t become a “bomb”, the role of the actress is very faint. She was associated with many nicknames such as “box office poison”, “portable vase”.

It was not until the beginning of 2021 that Canh Diem won the sympathy of the public by successfully transforming into the role of a beautiful woman in the TV series “Tu Dang”.

Canh Diem is currently filming the movie “Lac Du Nguyen”, in cooperation with Hua Khai.

According to Zaobao, Sina

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