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Chanel wants to serve high-end customers in its own way

Chanel tripled profits in the fashion, jewelry and watch segments in 2021. Sales of beauty products and fragrances fell, but they still increased in the traditional sales segment. And to support the high-spending customer base, Chanel CEO Philippe Bondiaux shared about opening private stores for top customers from 2023, in key cities in Asia.

Chanel wants to serve high-end customers in its own way - Photo 1.

Chanel will have a more customer-focused strategy in the near future. Image: Getty

Chanel has seen a rapid recovery to pre-pandemic levels and now holds the second highest revenue in the luxury industry, behind Louis Vuitton. Even so, Chanel’s sales are still growing by a third slower than Hermes, the brand’s leather goods rival. Bondiaux claims that high sales are the result of higher prices and higher output. In December 2021, Chanel announced plans to raise the price of classic bags by at least 60%.

Despite its rapid growth, Chanel is determined to maintain its direct sales strategy. While Chanel’s low-end luxury items such as beauty, perfume and eyewear can be purchased online, the fashion house is adamantly not selling fashion and watches online. Bondiaux also reminds of this: “We have and will never sell fashion and watches online”.

Chanel CEO continues to assert that the brand’s biggest concern is protecting consumers, especially loyal customers. The airline will invest in well-guarded stores to serve “god” in a unique way.

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