China blocks North Korea sanctions

The draft resolution to impose more sanctions on North Korea was drawn up by the US. The vote taking place on May 26 at the United Nations Security Council received 13 votes in favor.

However, the resolution was not passed after Russia and China – the two permanent members used their veto power. It was the first time since 2006 that a draft resolution targeting North Korea was blocked at the Security Council.

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North Korea has continuously tested missile launches since the beginning of the year.

China and Russia have vetoed new sanctions on North Korea for humanitarian reasons. The two countries say the new sanctions are useless and even “inhumane” as Pyongyang is struggling to contain the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We do not think that additional sanctions will be helpful in responding to the current situation. This only makes the situation even worse.” Chinese Ambassador to the United Nations Zhang Jun said.

Meanwhile, the representative of Russia at this organization Vasily Nebenzya also said: “We have repeatedly said that imposing new sanctions on North Korea is only a dead end. We stress the ineffectiveness and inhumanity of sanctions against Pyongyang.”

The new US-proposed resolution would cut North Korea’s imports of crude oil and refined petroleum products by 25%, impose additional maritime sanctions and ban the country’s exports of mineral fuels. oil and wax.

Washington also proposed a global asset freeze for a state corporation that monitors North Korean workers abroad, as well as the Lazarus cybercriminal group, which is accused of cyber espionage and data theft. .

Sanctions against North Korea related to its missile and nuclear weapons programs have been reached at the Security Council for the past 16 years. The last time the United Nations imposed additional sanctions on North Korea was in 2017.

The Security Council vote comes a day after North Korea launched three missiles. South Korea says one of these is an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM). Pyongyang’s latest missile launch comes after US President Joe Biden’s Asia tour.

This is Pyongyang’s 17th missile test this year. North Korea conducted its last ICBM test on March 24. US military and intelligence agencies estimate that Pyongyang may also be preparing for its first underground nuclear test in nearly five years.

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