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Dai Nghia officially became the MC of “Thank God you are here” season 8

Aired the first season in 2014,”Thank goodness you’re here” became the first situation comedy program in Vietnam, receiving the love and support of the audience. It has gone through 7 seasons with many successes and created its own brand, “Thank goodness you are here. ” officially returned with the 8th season after a year of absence.

Dai Nghia officially became the MC of Thank You, season 8 - Photo 1.

Still keeping the unique features of the show, without a pre-revealed scenario, guests will have to deal with situations given by department heads to see “blooming life or deadlocked life? “. The biggest change this season comes from the MC position, accordingly, Dai Nghia will both take on the role of leading the program, and in charge of pressing the bell to end the guest handling of the situation.

Having appeared in the first season of “Thank God, you are here” as the head of the department, Dai Nghia is marked by his diverse acting and flexible improvisation. More than anyone else, he understands and captures the spirit of the show. Therefore, this comeback of Dai Nghia, although “strange but familiar”, with the experience of a “former head of the department” as well as the way to lead the audience, is thoughtful, calm, juggling in the right place, MC. Dai Nghia will definitely bring a new color, fully connecting the emotions of the department heads and guests to the viewers.

Dai Nghia officially became the MC of Thank You, season 8 - Photo 2.

Besides the change in the host position, the team leader also has notable innovations. Along with two “stubborn”, experienced seniors: Truong Giang, Tu Long, a pair of sisters: Lam Vy Da, Mac Van Khoa, the appearance of the trio: Puka, Duong Lam, Kha Nhu in the shoulder. The role of the head of the department promises to bring difficult “hacking and slashing” scenes.

This year, the program’s content and situations are also invested in detail and developed in a variety of ways to get closer to the viewers’ enjoyment needs. Under the leadership of two directors Duc Thinh and Trung Lon, the “conundrum” situations of “Thank God you are here” season 8 not only challenged the improvisation and creativity of the guests in the comedy segment, but also There are also dramatic and tragic scenes. With many new changes, carefully invested in both content and stage, “Thank God you are here” season 8 will bring many impressive performances to the audience.

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